Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We're Behind Again! And Pawlympics Update

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Ghostwriter has been working too much again! And now we're way behind on our blogging. Please know, we're trying to catch up on everyone's blogs and might not comment, but we will surely take a look them all. As for ghostwriter, last Monday she was feeling great, and was looking forward to going back to work. But now, after working Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, her knees are killing her and she can hardly walk. She's been getting injections of something called synvisc into her knee joints to help with the arthritis in there. She called the ortho doc this morning and was told she overdid it, and that it will take a while for the joints and muscles to adjust to that stuff in there. 

I told you to stay home for another few weeks! 

The big news here is that it finally rained! There were big thunder boomers Saturday. It was cloudy then next couple days. But today we woke up to rain, and everything outside was wet! 

No watering needed today!

Mr. Spider has a web full of water droplets.

It'll probably take more than a day or two of rain to get this lawn to green up again!

Good thing the Blogville Pawlympics have been on. We're going to try to catch up on the events now.

There was Gymnastic Bathing at Toby's Wrecking  Crew at:  kittycaper on Sunday.

Our fashionable friend Dory hosted Sitting Pretty at: dorysbackyard 

Emma and Bailey were having fun with Wabbit Tracking at: mygbgvlife 

Loyal readers will remember that last Spring I tracked and caught not one, not two, but FIVE rabbits in my yard! Here's a picture of three of them. I am an excellent rabbit tracker and catcher too! Dad actually skinned and grilled these three for me to eat!  They were very yummy! 

Today Bouncing Bertie hosted Munro Bagging, which means you've climbed a Scottish mountain that is over 3000 feet high. Find out more at: bouncingbertie Wow! You learn something new every day! 

But don't go away yet. There's one more event today. Oreo is hosting some Bubble Jumping at his place:  jazzis-world  Wow! That was a fun one! 

Oh oh! I hear thunder! I'd better get back in the house now! 

We've been watching the human's Olympics too. There are so many sports I never even heard of before! I think this one has to do with sitting on a big stick and making it go as fast as you can. Dad likes the jumping into the water from a bendy board event. We all like to see the runners. Wow! they went really fast! 

But mostly I did a lot of napping while all that was on.

I miss my nap buddy. 


  1. Oh, Chester, your Ghostwriter just needs to slow down and start saying NO to work and YES to herself. We hope she can get some rest for her weary knees.

    So much fun with Pawlympics - great participation, Chester!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Crikey Chester .... poor ghostwriter ..... I hope she's ok. That arthritis stuff is no good. My Mum's riddled with it too. She went to hospital the other day. Dad thought she was having a heart attack but no ..... arthritis!! In her neck. Real bad. Oh dear .... they wanted to stick a needle in her too but she wouldn't let them. Needless (hahahaha how funny is that) to say she's still in agony but she is visiting a specialist to see what help she can get. We've been watching the Olympics too and we are awful behind with all our friends blogs. Just like you, aye?? Those Bunnies???? did your Dad really cook them for you??? Crikey Chester your good. I would have ripped 'em apart myself and scoffed 'em down while they were still warm. No way would I part with a booty like that. I miss your napping partner too.

  3. Also missing your napping friend, but I'm sure the fun of the Pawlympics has helped you have some fun.

  4. Mom says the needle that puts the corisone in her arthritic knee is two inches wide. The other knee has no arthritis, just the one the meniscus tore in and had to be removed. We hope Ghostwriter feels better, and let us know how that stuff works, the doc said only one cortisone shot as too many can throw off your body chemistry in a bad way.

    Abby Lab

    1. Ghostwriter says the Synvisc injections were good. (This stuff puts lubrication back into the knee joint to keep the bones from rubbing together.) Her right knee felt 100% better, and the left one not so much. But going back to work messed up all her muscles and tendons before everything balanced out. She works hard at the nursing home, on her feet all day, running up and down the halls, lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy people around who don't always cooperate. Yesterday she had to work almost a double shift. Big mistake! She doesn't want to do cortisone unless it's the last resort. Nasty stuff! Hope your Mom's knees feel better.

  5. We were so happy to see the rain the past few days. We got almost 2 inches in the past 24 hours! We hope your moms knee feels better soon.

  6. Hope Ghostwriter's knees are feeling better soon! Good job catching those bunnies, the boys are jealous. :) The Lady didn't let them eat the vole they caught.

  7. Had a nice long comment til Blogger an'mom'z puter ate it. Anyway, wish we lived closer so we cood b nappin'buddiez - since my bruther Shiloh b-came an angel a few monthz ago I haf bin missin'my nappin'buddy tue. That iz quite the catch - 5 wabbitz an'u even gotzta eat sum of'em. I think u iz duin'good with you bloggie - my mom haz bin neglectin'mine an'duzn't help me much when I wanna vizit my furrendz bloggiez an'leave commentz. Shure due hope your Ghostwriter's kneez feel better really soon - my aunt sis haz truble with her kneez tue.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  8. Mimi also has pawthritis and it's no fun. We hope GW will feel better soon. Maybe she should take more time off work if that is pawssible.
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  9. Mimi also has pawthritis and it's no fun. We hope GW will feel better soon. Maybe she should take more time off work if that is pawssible.
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  10. Hi Chester. You're doing a great job. We know that it's harder to do the job of two doggies. I'm sure Joey misses the family too.

  11. Yay - we're so happy that you got rain, Chester! We miss your napping buddy too.

  12. Oh no Chester we are so sorry GW is having such a time with her knees..I'm sending a virtual kitty kiss...my slobber is potent
    Hugs madi your bff

  13. We are crossing our paws that your Ghostwriter's knees get better real soon!!

    YAY rain!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Dearest Ghostwriter, I do hopes you are feeling better soon and pleeeeeeeeease take care of yourself! None of these double shift thingys theys just not good fur you!
    I is thinking of coming fur a visit Chester and we can enter today's snuggling contest…what d'ya finks?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  15. That would be absolutely wonderful! We all need some snuggles around here.

  16. Sure hope those knees start to adjust to the working routine.

    Arthritis stinks. And hurts. Its such a bane. The petcretary hurt her back a bit the other day at her work...she never has troubles like that ut of late there are more peeps with heavy duty transferring needs...at least since she works out in the gym she is strong enough...and mostly on her days off the ouchies and muscle spasms go away.

    Take care! She knows too well how it goes in a nursing facility...
    And also she knows about getting all bogged down in blogs.

    Those bunnies, OMD!!