Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Bunny Came Back!

Greetings friends and fans. This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your vigilant doggie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

Several days ago we posted pictures of the bunny that came to our yard to feast on birdie seeds that were dropped from the feeder. After that, Dad mowed the lawn with the gigantic noisy roaring monster mower thing machine. That probably scared Mr. Bunny out of his wits! We didn't see him again for a while. But yesterday he was back! 

After he left, we doggies went out to do some sniffing. 

We wonder if he'll be back today? We'll be sure to keep you posted.

In other news, we've been having some sultry summer weather. We get a thunderstorm almost every day, and it really POURS! 

We did get to see a rainbow last Sunday after one downpour.

Our ghostwriter says July is the month when we take time to remember our angels, Charisma, Ginger, Joey, and Chester, and look for them in the clouds. We pups aren't too sure about that. But GW says she can see at least three of them in the picture below. Do you see them too? 

This one reminded GW of Chester:


Charisma, Joey, and Ginger

We pups have never met any of these doggies. But we know many of our long time readers are well acquainted with ace reporters Chester L. W. Spaniel, and Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel who founded The Daily Bone in 2013. 

We hope we can keep the legacy going for many years to come! 

To close up today's report, here are some pictures of the amazing sunsets we've had over the past week. They're in no particular order. 

That concludes our report today. Nap time! 

Monday, July 17, 2023

A Bunny! And a Chipmunk Too!

This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, fast breaking news flash. We're your intrepid doggie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

We have just been informed that there's a bunny in our back yard! And a chipmunk too! 

We haven't seen a bunny, or a chipmunk either, here in several weeks! 

They were eating seeds the birdies dropped from the feeder above. We wanted to race outside right away, but we waited until the bunny ate it's fill. 

The bunny proceeded to hide by the side of the fence. Do you see it? We doggies gave it a good chase after that!

We then did some follow-up sniffing. We now return you to your regularly scheduled sunset already in progress. 

Friday, July 14, 2023

Princess Days and Pink Flowers

Hi everyone! This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your delightful doggie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

Today we're sharing some pictures of us on a typical day, plus all the pretty pink flowers in our yard. So without further ado:

We've also observed some majestic clouds and a beautiful sunset.

Now, about us: 
We do a lot of zooming around in the back yard.

We play with our toys in the house.

And do a lot of sleeping.

GW here. Those two so-called princesses also do a lot of play fighting, especially bitey-face. Here are some of the bloopers taken while attempting to get that one nice picture you see at the beginning of this post. Don't worry, they're not hurting each other. But if they get too carried away, they have to go into their crates for time out, or else I send them outside to do some zooming to run off their excess energy. 

After raising four kids, we're quite used to sibling rivalry! 


Saturday, July 1, 2023

Mush-a-boom Explosion!

Good afternoon everyone. This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your hardworking investigative doggie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

In our last post, we talked about the mush-a-booms growing in our back yard. Since then, the numbers of these funny things exploded! 

We can hardly walk anywhere without stepping on some. 

We did a search on The Daily Bone to see if our esteemed predecessor, Chester L. W. Spaniel ever encountered these things. We found this post in which he describes those mush-a-booms as a village of Smurfs:


We girls aren't too sure about that. We've never seen any Smurfs. We're more familiar with Minions. In fact, some of those mush-a-booms look kind of like Minions popping out of the ground. 

Hmmm. They forgot to wear their glasses.

Today, those mush-a-booms are looking rather shabby and raggedy. We wonder if there has been some evil force at work. 

What do you think, sister?

Curious indeed! 


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this fast-breaking news story!

We're live and on site in the house because a great big grumble storm rolled in. 

It poured a ton of rain from the sky. Then there were some loud grumbles. We pups weren't afraid at all, although we've heard that some of our doggie friends get very upset by this phenomenon. It soon passed.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled nap time.