Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Howl-o-ween Blues

Hi there everybody. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your distracted doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark 

So this is Halloween: stuck in ghostwriter's office barking my fool head off. Don't worry. I'm not all alone. Ghostwriter's in here to keep me company, although I know she would rather be someplace quieter. Dad is handling all the ghosts and goblins that come to my door and ring the doorbell, with the help of my spindly associate Bones Daily. (This is the only time Bones actually works. The rest of the year he just hangs around watching over Dad's workshop.)

But today wasn't all bad. Earlier I went to a wonderful party at my good friends Murphy and Stanley's house, where all of us Blogville boy doggies dressed up for a parade. If you want to see all the fun, please check out this link: 

Since I was dressed as a skeleton, I got to preside over the bone yard.

Meanwhile, all the Blogville ladies went to Oreo's house for their own Halloween parade and fun. Please visit them here:


My dearest Princess Leah was devilishly beautiful!

My humans Jessy and Dan spent the weekend at Universal Studios in Orlando as part of their Halloween/late honeymoon celebration. Here they are hanging out with Beetlejuice!

In other news, we've had some crazy weather around here in Western New York! It's been super windy and raining. In the backyard, the Gnome Syndicate took on heavy casualties when the rose trellis blew over.

Oh, and remember that little birdie that got stuck in my garage a few days ago? Well, another little birdie flew into my Ryan's house too! Do you see the birdie sitting on the window sill? Fortunately this birdie was able to get out and fly away.

Anyway, so here I am still. Staring at the door while mayhem proceeds without stop downstairs.

bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark 


It is now after 10PM and trick-or-treats is officially over. Wow! I'm going to sleep good tonight!

It wouldn't be a proper Halloween if ghostwriter didn't watch her favorite scary video by one of her favorite Finnish heavy metal groups, Finntroll. (Warning: contains scary monsters and creepy weird stuff and really loud  music. Not for little kiddies or anyone who is of faint heart.) We like the little mummy guys.

Good night!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday With Chester

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

It's been rather ho-hum around here this week. Not much going on. I only have one big story!

It's almost the end of October, and I haven't caught any birdies or bunnies or mousies! I was beginning to think I'm losing my hunting instincts. But a couple days ago I caught a birdie! I think he might have flown against the window or something and bumped his head. When I found him, he was on the ground below the window box feeder. So I scooped him up. 

Look look look lookie look! I caught the birdie for you!

Ghostwriter held him in her hand for a while so she could figure out what to do. 

Well, that little birdie bit her pinky finger real hard, wiggled out of her hand, jumped down to the garage floor, and scuttled under Dad's big wooden box beneath his workbench. I couldn't get into there to help the birdie no matter how much I barked and whined and snuffled and knocked over Dad's tools and fishing poles! So Dad and ghostwriter brought me in the house and said maybe the birdie will come out by himself and fly away if we left him alone with the garage door open. Unfortunately, the birdie never found his way out and we found him dead on the floor the next morning. Poor birdie! 

Other than that, things have been fairly unchanging around here. Skies were mostly sunny.

The morning glories are still blooming like crazy!

Ghostwriter's knee is getting better. She's taking some little steps without the crutches, and all that swelling and bruising is almost gone. And that's all there is to report!

Gee, I hope that little birdie wasn't related to Mr. Mortimer Seedcruncher, CEO of Sparrows Incorporated. If you'd like to know who he is, please check out this link:

Oh, in honor of Halloween, here's a link to one of my favorite TDBs ever! Zombies! But be warned! The videos are real scary! (Ooooo and yummy too!) 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Leaves and Sticks

Hello loyal readers. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your earnest doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Dad has been trimming branches off the silver maple tree in my back yard. Wow! Look at this pile! 

He has a new cutting tool that allows him to reach way high up the tree. So he finally took out that spot where the Evil Squirrel Cartel keeps trying to build their central command center. You should have heard those squirrels cussing and swearing this afternoon when they came back from their morning of grand theft and petty larceny and they found their hide-out was gone!

 I gave them a good barking at, and told them to stay the heck out of my yard! Oh, and you know what else? The roaring dragon noisy screeching street cleaner machine monster came rumbling by this morning too. That thing usually makes the squirrels practically fly out of their trees and run like crazy to escape the sound.

Haha! It wasn't a good day for the Evil Squirrel Cartel!

In other news, ghostwriter is doing better with her new knee. She did a lot of walking today. The lady from Physical Therapy comes over twice a week. She puts ghostwriter through all sorts of contortions and measures the angles at which the knee bends and straightens, and adds more exercises to the routine. Ghostwriter just has one big wish right now: that's to be able to sleep on her side. I don't know what's so hard about that. 

Oh, and one more thing. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it to the Blogville Halloween Parade. Ghostwriter hasn't been able to go out shopping for a costume for me. But at the last minute she found a picture of me from a couple years ago and sent it in. I hope it's all right. 

I hope my dearest Princess Leah isn't too upset. I had told her I might not be able to accompany her to this event. But fortunately the moon is up early so I can give her a call. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Catch-Up Day

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your adventurous doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Ghostwriter is still laid up from her knee surgery. The nurse came over yesterday and took the staples out of the incision. She can get around with one crutch most of the time now, but has aches and pains that come and go. I'm still following her around everywhere! She sure appreciates all the good wishes sent by our Blogville friends! 

Flower Friday has come and gone. The only flowers we have right now are those morning glories. We thought they would have been dead from a frost by now, but they're still blooming like crazy!

We have a bumper crop of hawthorn berries this autumn!

The birdies will have lots to eat this winter!

Speaking of food, it's Yum Yum Saturday! Here are a couple meals my humans cooked in the past few days. 

Chicken and biscuits.

Beef stew and mashed potatoes.

It was a fine, cool, sunny day today. I spent a lot of time just sniffing around the yard and barking at the squirrels to stop burying acorns in my yard. 

I also found a few notable creepy crawlies. 

A very fuzzy little spider.

Another woolly bear caterpillar.

A box elder bug.

All day long there were flocks of red wing blackbirds and Canada geese flying over.  

There was only one problem: I got something stuck in my front paw. Dad picked me up, and rolled me over to check my paw while ghostwriter held a flash light. I wasn't too happy about this, and I have to confess I did a little growling. But then he found a big long splinter of wood sticking out from between my toe pads, and he pulled it out. I'm feeling a lot better now. Whew! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nurse Chester

Nurse Chester is still on the job. 

Sit. Stay. Heal.

Ghostwriter is getting grumpy and impatient about her knee still hurting a lot. She says her back and arms and hands and shoulders ache from using the crutches, and her butt aches from sitting! I still follow her all around and make sure she doesn't over do things. (I'd better get some major overtime on my next paycheck!) 

Oh, one more thing. Since I'm being such a good nurse, ghostwriter gave me some reading to do in my spare time:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Came Thundering In

Hello everybody. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your steadfast doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

It has been a very warm, summery Fall this year so far. But as you might know, here in Western New York, if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute! Yesterday it was 80ยบ and sunny all day. But then in the late afternoon, it suddenly got dark. Ghostwriter had just come in from walking around the yard a little (with her crutches, of course.) As soon as she got in the door, a big storm came whipping through. She tried to close the screen on the door, but got soaking wet within a couple seconds! It looked like a hurricane for a while!

We checked the weather charts and saw this:

A big cold front had moved in from the west across the Great Lakes and blasted over our area.

Since then it's been cold out. There's supposed to be a frost tonight.

Fortunately, my favorite miniature human Ryan had a lot of fun before the weather changed. He went to his first ever autocross. (His Dad used to drive in these.)

When he went home, he built an autocross course right in his own driveway!


He also went out to get his Halloween pumpkins.

Today it was very quiet here. Ghostwriter spent a lot of time resting her knee. She says her whole left leg feels like the muscles were put through a blender and then run over by a truck! A physical therapy person came to see her and show her how to do some more exercises and stretches to help her knee heal properly. She told her she would have to relearn how to walk properly after limping around on her gimpy knee for so long!

Hey, wait a minute! This is the second time some strangers came to my house now! Dad took me outside to play in the yard during those times, so I didn't get to bark at them!

But later, Dad grilled some lamb chops, and I got to try some. So all was not lost!