Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olympic Sport?

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your athletic doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

As you may have heard, Blogville is going to have some doggie and kitty Olympic games this summer. I finally thought of a new sport: ear flapping! 

Well, we don't expect anyone to actually take off and fly like Dumbo in the comic above. But we long-ear breeds can get some pretty good ear flapping going on when we run. I found some good flapping photos of myself and my esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel over the last year.

Our ghostwriter is a bit hesitant to host this event because of her sometimes unpredictable schedule, and usually exhausting job. But if anyone else would like to host it, let us know. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Greetings! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your  patriotic doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.  

I hope that everyone had an excellent Memorial Day. We put the flag up in front of our house and thought about our USA military heroes.

It was also ghostwriter and Dad's 36th Anniversary. They went out for lunch at their favorite Japanese restaurant. Ghostwriter had something with squid in it. Yuck! The other stuff looked pretty good, though. 

I know reporting on yum yums is usually my esteemed associate Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel's venue, but he hasn't been eating well lately. Our humans got him lots of different kinds of canned doggie food to try to find something he liked. He liked most of them for a while, but now turns his nose up at it. So today ghostwriter made him some chicken and rice soup. He was able to eat that OK. 

But we are terribly worried that the Doggie Chief Inspector, comestibles division, and founder of the Yum Yum Coalition, doesn't want to eat! 

In other news, our favorite miniature human, Ryan, came to visit yesterday. Here he is eating pie. By the way, Joey didn't turn his nose up at hot dogs and hamburgers and pie! 

Our Dad has been doing research on his geneology (whatever that is.) He recently sent some spit to be analyzed for DNA. He already knew that he's half Finnish. But now he's found out that ghostwriter, besides being half German, has a lot of Swedish DNA. Here's a picture of our Jason human who is visiting his sister Jessy human, in Florida. They're just about to go out fishing on the Atlantic Ocean. I think they look like proper Vikings to me! 

What am I forgetting? 

Oh, yeah, the weather report! It was pouring rain most of the afternoon yesterday. Look at the big puddle in our back yard!

But today was grand and sunny! Hooray!

We just heard that our good friend Noodle was so sad that his duck Franklin had to go over the Rainbow Bridge today. 

It was purely a coincidence that earlier today, we happened to find this video about 900 ducks that might cheer Noodle and his humans up:

Please visit Noodle here:  noodle4president.wordpress.com

It's sleepy time for me now. Good night! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Not Again!

This is The Daily Bone and I'm your disappointed doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Ghostwriter was looking forward to a three day weekend after working eleven days in a row with only one day off. After 11:30PM last night, she was free! But then, at 10:30PM, the night nurse called in sick! Well, guess who had to stay over and do a double overnight shift? So now we have a zombie ghostwriter; and her back is very sore too. She says the only good thing about it was that she was on straight overtime plus shift differential. (Whatever that means.) 

So my esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and I will do today's TDB. To keep things simple, we'll present it in parts.

Part 1: Flowers

Star flowers.

Columbine and woodruff.




Garden Buddha is growing some milkweeds for shade.

Part 2: Yum yums with Joey dog.

Ribs, sweet potato, green beans. 

Pizza and chicken wings.

Pear starting to grow.

Waiting patiently for it.

Joey's food related funnies:


Part 3: Bugs! 

Ants on a peony bud.

Red lily beetles who were promptly caught and smushed after being photographed.

Part 4: Clouds.

It's very hot and humid outside today. There are lots of big clouds and passing thunderstorms. Ghostwriter calls it Florida weather.

Part 5: Coolness achieved!

Our air conditioner wasn't working, so we had to have the Empire Heating guy come over to fix it. We doggies got locked inside ghostwriter's office until it was done. 

But the results were worth it!

Ah! Sleepy time! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Almost Done!

This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

After today, ghostwriter will have worked eleven days in a row with only one day off. We're all looking forward to a three day weekend! We'll have a lot to catch up on tomorrow. There are lots flowers, a new egg in the little birdie nest, a few yum yum food photos, and updates from our associates in Florida and North Carolina. We'll probably get a visit from our favorite miniature human, Ryan, and hopefully it won't be raining out, so we can run around in the back yard. 

I suggest you rest up like I'm doing. By midnight tonight, ghostwriter will be free for three whole days! Hooray!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Little Things And Big Trouble

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dynamic doggie reporter
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Our ghostwriter is still working a lot this week, so we haven't done much reporting. Hopefully we'll catch up on the weekend. Here are our top stories.

There's a tiny birdie nest in the bushes in front of our house. It belongs to a chipping sparrow like the one in the picture below: Ghostwriter hopes to take a series of pictures of the nest in hopes she'll get to see the baby birdies when they hatch. 

There have been lots of June bugs out at night lately. Ghostwriter sees them stuck to the screen door when she comes home from work around midnight. She usually picks up a couple and brings them inside for me to play with. Last night there was a gigantic bug on the screen of the type she had never seen before! So, being a proper science geek, she caught it in a glass and took it inside to examine it more closely. She got mad at me for jumping up and down trying to get the bug while she tried to take a picture of it. But I'm supposed to have the bug! That's my job in the house: catch all the bugs! 

We found out it was a type of caddis fly, and a not very  lively one at that. We put the big, ugly, lethargic bug back outside, and I didn't get to eat it! Harumph!

Today, ghostwriter had almost a whole day off. She went out into the back yard to do some gardening, and discovered a place where all her flowers were trampled down. 

Path of destruction.

And guess who she blamed for it? Me!

Well, I was tracking that stinky, little chipmunk! That wretched fiend always runs through ghostwriter's flowers instead of going across the grass and up a tree like the squirrels do! I hate that despicable bugger for always getting me in trouble!

I'm going to catch him, and take his squeaker out, if it's the last thing I do!

Oh, one more thing. 
Since ghostwriter's been working so much, we missed Dress up for Whitley Day.

Here I am in my bow tie! Sorry for being late!