Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday News

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

We would like to say a big thank you to our wonderful Blogville friends who sent us sympathy cards for the loss of my good friend and mentor Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. Christmas and his human, Robin drew a beautiful picture of Joey dog inside the card. He would have been so happy to see that! We got a lovely letter from Stella Rose, Maggie Mae, Angus Mac and their family and kitties. There was a touching card from Murphy and Stanley. (We liked how they got some of the letters backward!) We truly appreciate all the outpouring of condolences and good wishes from everyone! 

On Sunday we had a visit from our favorite miniature human, Ryan. He noticed that there are three garden gnomes right by the back door at our house. 

He tried to have a little conversation with them, but they didn't answer because they're on a strict mission to guard the Asian lilies from red lily beetles. So he gave them a pine cone.

And now we're going to watch more of the Blogville Pawlympics. Here are the links to today's events. We didn't get Wyatt's post link until today because ghostwriter had to go to work yesterday afternoon.

Balance Beam and Hurdles presented by Wyatt and Tegan at:  wyatt

Christmas hosted Channel Surfing on his site at: pawprovince 

Madi held the competition for Sun Puddle Napping at: downhomeinnc

We are amazed at the athletic talent of our friends at Blogville! 

Don't forget, tomorrow I will be hosting the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge! I've been practicing for this all my life! I look forward to seeing everybody then!

Joey and his pear blossoms last Spring.

Ghostwriter here. We got a question from the comments on yesterday's post. It was from someone who also lost a dear pet recently: when to get another pet. I found a lot of good information from a little pamphlet from the funeral home that handled Joey dog's cremation.

"Just as grief is a personal experience, the decision of when, if ever to bring a new pet into the home is also a personal one … When making this decision, ask yourself if you feel you are at a point in your grief that you can take on the responsibility and open your heart to a new pet."

In other words, give it a little more time. A new dog will never replace the one you lost; and they all have different personalities just like people. Chester is completely different from Joey dog, and from our two girlie dogs before him. I had been thinking about getting a new puppy in the last couple years, anticipating that Joey dog was getting old; and I didn't want Chester to be lonely. I almost got one last month, but then I decided it would be better to wait until next summer when I had more time, and less commitments.

Chester seems to be doing well now without his best friend. I still have a few crying jags. It was good to go back to work yesterday, but I was glad Chester had Dad home with him.


  1. Glad you got our card. Yes, I agree with the pamphlet...getting a new pet after one dies doesn't mean you're replacing it or trying to forget the other pet, but it means getting a new friend who can help you heal and help you feel what it's like to have a pet again. Some people need many months and years to heal but sometimes people will get a new pet in a short amount of time, which is appropriate for some people. I'm sure whatever happens you and Chester have been remembering all the good times you had with beloved Joey.

    1. Several years ago, when we still owned our pharmacy, we had a customer who brought his beautiful black lab everywhere with him. He loved that dog! It was an older dog and eventually passed away, and the man was devastated. Some months later, we happened to take in a foster dog that was a black lab. We suggested the man take our foster dog, since the dog was well behaved and liked to go everywhere. The man said he couldn't bear to go through that kind of sorrow again with another dog. (We did find a good home for the foster dog eventually.) But we always wondered what the man did and if he ever got over the loss of his beloved pet and got another dog. Everybody's different!

    2. Yes, some people might not have the emotional confidence to take on another dog, and I'm glad the man took notice of that and took time to remember his dog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are happy you got our letter, we also are excited about the Olympics tomorrow. You will know. stella rose

  3. Grief is such a personal thing. I have 4 angels at the bridge and each loss was completely different. Take your time on the journey. Thank you for the really funny cartoon!

  4. No dog ever replaces one we have lost - but each dog is different and we come to love them for their differences - you will know if and when it is right to add a new furbaby to your family and there is no time limit on that :)

  5. Grief is sooooo individual! It took Mom 8yrs to get Molly after she lost Brandy and 4 Months after she lost Molly to get Jessie. Many times your next furbaby will just present themselves. Bree came just one month after I lost Alyce. Dog vs Cat and wasn't looking, but she needed me :)

  6. You will know when the time is right to add a new member to the family. We can't wait for the ear flapping competition tomorrow.

  7. We waited about two months to get Abby - I always was told I'd know when the right dog came around and when I saw her at the lab rescue website, recently picked up a high kill shelter, not looking like Barkley at all, but a little lab mix with a very grey muzzle and scared eyes, I know she would be ours. She has gained weight and personality in the two years we have had her and though completely different than Barkley in personality, I love her very much.

  8. Everyone is different. I have always waited thinking I could never replace my previous dog immediately. It never took me long though. After a few months I stop to talk to the owners of every dog I see and drive my family mad with dog talk. I've NEVER had the same breed twice though. I don't know why. I just can't seem to go there again. However I think whippets have won me over. I could have ten of them. Such wonderful dogs .... Lynn, Charlie's Mum. Charlie's looking forward to watching the ear flapping contest. These Pawlympics are great!

  9. Everybody handles death differently. Losing a beloved family member is never easy. We can't wait to see all of the ear flappers today!

  10. So sorry to hear you have lost Joey, sending lots of purrs and headbumps to you. It is never easy to lose a family member.

    Mindy & Mike

  11. Joey will always be in your heart
    Lily & Edward

  12. We were so very sorry to learn that Joey got his angel wings. Purrs of comfort and paws of sympathy.

  13. Grief is such an individual thing. At my work we deal with a lot of it when residents pass away. I hurts each time, and the more so for those that have been there a really long time, they are like family.

    Pets to are like family...no they *are* family. They more you love them the more it hurts when they are gone from us. And though I am the same person, each of my furangels have had different kinds of grieving time/process.

    Sorry that we couldn't get our picture in on time...and then we found out there was a diging one too. sheesh, I have lots of digging pictures!! Maybe next time:)