Thursday, April 27, 2023

Weird Weather and Hectic Times

 Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your puppy reporters Rosie and Baby Spaniel. 

Sorry we haven't been around much. It's been super busy here lately! In fact, we totally lost track of the days. That being said, here are some of our stories.

We spotted this pile of leaves and sticks and grass on top of a lamp in front of the garage. 

Upon taking a closer look, we saw this pretty birdie sitting on top of the pile. Our ghostwriter said this is a nest which most birdies build to raise their young in, and that this birdie is a robin. She also said that most of the robins in our area belong to the Stodgy Robin Society, and have fancy names. They're quite territorial and will fight each other for property rights. She thinks this one might be Mrs. Magnolia Merryfeather. We'll continue to check on Mrs. Merryfeather in the next several days and see if she lays some eggs. 

GW thinks Mrs. Merryfeather put her nest here because it's sheltered from the rain, and it's kind of hard for predators to get to it. But we doggies think she put it there so she could enjoy the fabulous sunset in the western sky every day.

For more information about the Stodgy Robin Society, there are a couple links below in which our predecessor Chester L. W. Spaniel explains it all.

The next day we had a big thunderstorm with hail, rain, and graupel all pounding down at the same time! Wow! We doggies have never seen a storm like that before! 

It was over within a few minutes. So we pups went out to have a look at the hail and graupel, but it was all melted by then!

The next day, we went to see our groomer, Miss Jacquie for a bath and perfect princess hair cuts. While we were gone, several men came to our house and put a big box thing in our back yard. 


Today Dad decided to do some organizing in a place called the shed. There was stuff spread all over the grass. But there wasn't anything of interest to us puppies.

Oh, and a really noisy, strange birdie flew by. GW said this was a helicopter and that the National Guard has a base at our airport nearby where they practice flying around in these things. 

OK, you've GOT to be kidding me!

We think that's enough stories for today. We're sure you know what we'll be doing next.


Wait a minute! We princesses don't snore. 

Um, yes you do, Baby!



Thursday, April 20, 2023

Mr. Cool Beans Cooper

 This is a TDB fast-breaking news story! I'm your excited puppy reporter Baby Spaniel, live and on the scene in the back yard under the pear tree. 

Along with me is my sister and equally excited puppy reporter Rosie Spaniel.

At precisely 6:45pm our ghostwriter took a picture of a birdie in the yard. But this was not just any birdie. She said this was none other than our famous, neighborhood, celebrity Mr. Cool Beans Cooper the Cooper's Hawk! 

Mr. C. B. Cooper was in the process of eating a sparrow he had caught. GW watched him for over 15 minutes as he quickly ate the unfortunate little birdie, tearing off feathers as he went. He finally flew away taking the rest of the birdie body with him. Now if anyone is particularly squeamish, we'll warn you that the following picture may be upsetting.

This is the scene of the crime, oops, I mean dine. GW examined everything carefully and removed any bodily remains except for the feathers before allowing me and Rosie to investigate. 

Wow! We've never seen, or smelled anything like this before! 

We did a thorough examination of the feathers before heading back into the house. And no, we didn't eat any of those feathers! We were each given a yum yum doggie chewie treat for our professional behavior. Then we watched a beautiful sunset, before calling it a night.

GW here: Although we might feel sorry for the little sparrow that lost it's life tonight, we must remember that this is the way nature works. Long time readers will remember many reports by Chester and Joey regarding feather piles left by Mr. C. B. Cooper. Also, since Rosie and Baby are cocker spaniels, the smallest of the hunting breeds, they have a natural interest in birds, squirrels, bunnies, and other small animals. They will no doubt make several catches during their lifetimes, just like Chester did. Here he is with the grackle he caught in May 2015: 

I was an excellent hunting doggie!

Monday, April 17, 2023

What's a Sundog?

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your faithful puppy reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel.  (I think we got the opening greeting right, eh sister?)

Now if we can just sit still for pictures …

Is that a birdie?

Anyhow, a couple days ago our ghostwriter went outside to see if there was going to be a nice sunset. She got all excited and exclaimed that there's a sundog! What the heck is a sundog? We started sniffing around for this new doggie, but came up with nothing.

She finally explained to us that a sundog is sort of like a rainbow that's formed by the sunlight shining through ice crystals in the sky … We pups don't quite understand all that. Seems we have a lot of homework to do in order to become science geeks like ghostwriter and the rest of the family.

We put a link to a scientific explanation about sundogs at the end of this post. 

In other news, we're seeing even more flowers in our yard. 

And the birdies are building their nests wherever they can. 

Unfortunately our nice weather is not going to last. It's supposed to get cold again, and might even snow. Right now it's all clouded over and getting windy.

And the rain has begun!

We guess it's as good a time as any for a nap.

One more thing! We looked back to The Daily Bone on April of 2021. Our guardian angel Chester L. W. Spaniel showed that it can definitely still snow in April here in WNY. We'll do a follow-up report if we do get any snow on the ground.


Friday, April 14, 2023

Finally Flowers!

Hello everyone! This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your puppy reporters Rosie and Baby Spaniel.  

We've had some wonderful warm sunny days here in WNY. And there are finally some flowers to show you on Flower Friday. 

There have also been some spectacular skies! 

Those are turkey vultures flying in the sunset.

Good night.