Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year 2017

Greetings loyal readers. This is a special edition of The Daily Bone. I'm your cheerful doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.
It is the last day of 2017!

Here's a look back at the year:

JANUARY 2017, we had only a little snow.

It came in sudden squalls. 

But didn't amount to much.

On January 10, our dear Oma fell down in her house, bumped her head, and had to go to the hospital. Here is the view from her room. Those clouds in the distance are all over Lake Ontario. She was able to go back home after that, and was all right for a while.

In FEBRUARY 2017 I had to go to a doggie jail hotel!

I was abandoned there for several days! 

I later found out this was so that ghostwriter and Dad could fly on a big jet to Florida …

Landing in Miami.

… and attend a beautiful wedding.

Jessy and Dan.

In MARCH of 2017, we got a big wind storm! 

It knocked out power all over the area, and blew down our next-door neighbor's tree. It's a good thing we have a generator, so we were able to keep the house warm and the lights on.

Then, we finally got a snow storm! 

Wow! Snow and icicles! 

Hooray for snow zoomies! 

By the time APRIL 2017 started, the snow was all gone! 

Flowers were growing like crazy and the grass was nice and green!

Birdies were suddenly everywhere! 

Ghostwriter an arthroscopy done on her left knee. I don't know what that means, but she got to stay home with me and Dad for a couple months. 

In MAY of 2017 we watched the baby robins grow up.

Ghostwriter had two cocoons in her office that Dad had found under the birch tree. 

One of them hatched into a huge and beautiful Polyphemus moth. 

Ryan helped us let the moth go on the birch tree.

JUNE 2017 was a bit rainy at times. 

We found a nest of baby chipping sparrows. Look at the blue thread the mama sparrow used to build her nest! Amazing!

As we watched them grow, we realized that one of the babies was actually a cowbird. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other birdies and let them raise the baby. 

Meanwhile, the second cocoon hatched. What a beauty!

JULY 2017 rolled around with nice summery weather. July is when we take time to remember our angels Miss Ginger and Joey dog. Miss Ginger crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July of 2010. Joey dog went in July of 2016. 

We never forget our angels!

Charisma, Joey, and Ginger.

We had lots of thunderstorms …

… and spectacular sunsets. 

In AUGUST 2017 we didn't write many posts. Ghostwriter was back to work three days a week, and our dear Oma had to go to a nursing home. Ghostwriter had to drive to visit her twice a week. 

There was a solar eclipse! In our area it was only a partial eclipse, but we got some pictures of it.

SEPTEMBER 2017 was a busy month! Oma was well enough to visit us and celebrate her 91st birthday. 

Hurricane Irma blasted the state of Florida. Fortunately, my Florida associate Miss Charlee and her humans only had minor damage to their house! 

I got a new kitty cat cousin named Hannibal. He was adopted from Lollypop Farms, a local animal shelter. I now have three kitty cat cousins! Wow! 

Look at all the yummy pears we harvested from our tree in the back yard! 

In OCTOBER 2017, ghostwriter's left knee was still bothering her, so she got a new one! 

I have experience in nursing now, and kept a close eye on ghostwriter the entire month! 

Meanwhile, Ryan went to a farm and bought his pumpkins. 

This month was mostly sunny and summer-like, with only a few storms. 

NOVEMBER 2017 brought us a bit of snow. 

We hardly needed the snow plow to roll by.

Here's a woolly bear caterpillar! He's probably the last of the season. 

My Jessy human came all the way from Florida to visit me! Hooray!

DECEMBER 2017 started with a super moon! 

It snowed on and off. We enjoyed watching the birdies in our yard. (I dealt with that squirrel later.)

Our Oma came over to visit on Christmas. 

I'd say it was a very good year!