Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Joseph Spaniel Pawlympics Ear Flapping Competition

Hello hello hello! This is The Daily Bone Blogville Pawlympics Ear Flapping Competition! I'm your doggie announcer Chester L. W. Spaniel. What an extravaganza we have for you with over 20 contestants! Wow! The pictures are in the order in which we received them.

Our Angel Miss Ginger, is watching from across the Rainbow Bridge. 

As loyal readers will know, my esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel made the trip across the Rainbow Bridge recently. I'm sure he's watching from there too, along with Miss Ginger and our Patron Saint Old Charisma. One reader suggested that this event should be called the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge in his honor. I think that's an excellent idea! We will now have a moment of silence to remember him and all the other of our dearly loved pets who have made this journey too. 


First up, we have young Mackie from Molly and Mackie  Keep a close eye on this ear flap prodigy! He's going to go far!

The Lady Shasta from Team Beaglebratz is making a run for it in the snow, ears flying! 

Here's Emma with some truly epic ear flapping from Emma the GBGV ! Wow! She's going to be hard to beat! 

Here's our own Angel Joey facing into the wind in a picture from last Spring. Pretty good lift for just standing there! 

One of the siblings went through his archives and found this wonderful photo of puppy Joey running in the grass with his big floppy-moppy cocker spaniel ears flapping. 

Wow! Look at the flap on this pup! This is Easy from easyweimaraner  Amazing! 

Next is one of our Blogville mayoral candidates, Christmas, with a great side view ear flap. He's got it going all the way back! Good show! Be sure to visit him at pawprovince .

Now we have Angus Mac from  stellroselong I bet you didn't think a pug had long enough ears for this challenge. But it's not the length that counts. It's the perkiness! 

Who is this super hero flying across the beach? It's none other than the Tangerine Terror, William's good buddy, Hamish! Be sure to visit Hamish and William at: williamthelurcher .

Here's one of our good doxie friends Frankie getting some truly amazing ear flap action as he bounds through the snow! Looks like he's ready for lift-off!  Visit him at: frankly and ernestly speaking  .

Cue the royal fanfare! Here comes Princess Leah! Wow! She's got the ears and the tail flying! Please check out her regal adventures at: princessleahthecav .

We've made some new friends here at The Daily Bone lately. Here are two doxies with high-flying ears. Please visit them at: ohhappyhomes First up we have Mini showing off her excellent ear flapping technique. Look at the concentration!

Next we have Barbarella running through the high grass with ears aloft! She's off to conquer the world with ears flying! 

Here comes Ruby the Airedale! She's Blogvilles's favorite purveyor of Margaritas, bubbles, and fun! Look at those ears fly! Hooray! Please visit Ruby's doggie blog at: rubytheairedale .

There go Walter and Millie, practically flying through the snow. That's some fabulous ear flappage for sure! You can visit these champions at: birdbrainsanddogtales  But you'll have to catch them first!

Now we have the two current Mayors of Blogville, brothers Murphy and Stanley. Not only do they do an excellent job keeping Blogville safe and fun, but they're full of athletic energy. Ear flapping comes naturally to them!


Crikey! From the Land Down Under, here comes Charlie, our favorite, and most handsome whippet, getting some fine ear flappage while playing on the beach! 

Barking from the Bayou is Bently with his fabulous flappers floating like flags! Bently is also an excellent reporter. Please visit him at mkclinton to get the story on all things doggie!

Now it's time to feature our good friends from dorysbackyard . They may be small, but they have a lot of ear flapping talent! First up is Arty, who, incidentally, is also running for Mayor of Blogville. 

Next is Bilbo showing some perky ear flaps as he leaps up to greet whoever is behind door number one! 

And now, here comes Dory, running like the wind with a captured squeaky toy! Go Dory!!! Yeah! 

Here's a talented new-comer Louis from Vancouver who is an expert ear flapper! He says he can actually control which ear he flaps and doesn't need to be running or out in the wind to get them going. What an amazing talent! Please check out his brand new doggie blog at: louisdogslife


And now, here's Dougie dog from zoolatry . His humans helped him with the warm-up. Then, there he goes, with ears flying! 

And finally, here's yours truly with my best example of classic cocker spaniel ear flapping! 

We hope you had a good time watching our highly talented athletes today! Thank you for all the incredible photos! We realize how hard it is to catch those ear flaps on film. You need timing and more than a little luck! 

Keep those ears flapping! 


For more Pawlympics fun, please go on to the next event at where our good friend Noodle will feature Raspberries and Tongue Curling at noodle

Also check out the beautiful dedication to our Angel Joey by Dougie dog's mom at:

We appreciate this very much and are still so touched by all the sympathy and condolences from Blogville and the pet blogging community!


  1. Why the wind made by all the flapping ears has cooled me down a little. It is so hot here. And not one pierced ear in the bunch. Terrific!
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Oh Chester....boy do we agree this event should be named for Joey his ears were flapping from the very beginning. We love all the flapping ears just too funny. That is something I cannot do.
    My ears are always at alert unless I'm a bit ticked off then they are flat as a pancake.
    Hugs and yay for a great event
    Madi your kitty friend

  3. We wish we had flappy ears so we could look like we were flying like our pals!

  4. What a fun event! It's always great to see the athletes enjoying themselves so much while competing. These are all gold medal worthy indeed.

    And I think the idea of calling this the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge is absolutely perfect. Angel Joey is certainly watching over you, and still flapping his ears!

  5. Are we ready for take-off?! So many fabulous ear flappers! Thank you so much for hosting this event, Chester and angel Joey. I, Mackie, am so proud to be a part of the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge!

  6. Oh my pug oh my pug look at all those ear flappers, wowzer they did wonderful, there is not way we could pick a winner, everyone did super fangtastic. stella rose

  7. What fun! Thank you for letting us join in today even tho we have rather un-flappable ears amongst many highly flappable ones! Tis a wonder they all have taken off in flight!
    Dougie Dog

  8. Woohoo!!!! What amazing photos and fancy Angel Miss Ginger joining in as well, I finks thats the bestest photo evers!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Look at all that awesome ear flapping! Long ears are awesome! I think Easy might be cleared for take off with his ears!

  10. Oh My Dog!!!! This was so much fun - we are sorry we did not get an entry in for this one
    Great Job hosting the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge, Chester. WE know Joey dog is siling from above
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. One good reason to go dog watching is to see all the ear flapping that goes on. That was one terrific competition.

    Sarah, Shadow, and Stealth

  12. Absolutely great contestants - it's going to be really tough to select the wieners of this event.

  13. Joey's Event was a huge success!!! Those were all pawsome ear flapping! We think that everyone definitely deserves gold today!!!!!
    Marty and the Gang

  14. Look at all of those ears. Wow - I'm surprised someone didn't develop enough lift to go AIRBORNE!

    Abby Lab

  15. Wow, what an amazing group of furry athletes! Gosh, everyone did a great job and the judges had their work cut out for them. BOL to Bentley! Thanks for hosting this and I love the tribute to Joey Dog.
    Grr and a Sporting Woof,
    Sarge, Pawthlete

  16. There sure was some tough competition here today. We had fun watching all the participants.

  17. Everyone did great! Still BOLing about Bentley's ears!

  18. Chester, Thanks fur doing this! I rruff all the ear flapping photos! So much talent! Such hard work!

  19. Chester, Thanks fur doing this! I rruff all the ear flapping photos! So much talent! Such hard work!

  20. OMD, what an amazing group of ear flappers you have here today!!! Great entries from all. We bet Angel Joey Dog was thrilled with the results!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  21. Wow, so many great competitors! Love all the pics. :)

  22. Crikey Chester .... That was a great contest, aye? And the moment of silence before the event took place was a nice start mate. We stopped to remember all our dear departed family and friends. What a great lot of ear flappers, aye? Emma made Mum laugh out loud and Easy .... Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. OMD....We are sure Joey is looking down in awe of all the flapping ears!! What a talented bunch of pawthetes here in Blogville!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  24. Aw, I really would have wanted to enter this event, but I don't hear about them until they're ovfur. Hopefully by next Olympics I'll have my act togefur! BOL!!

    1. Send us some pictures of yourself and Winky too with your cocker spaniel ears flapping. We're thinking of doing a follow up post. Christinersrn at gmail dot com (that's r s r n after my name)

  25. Bravo! Apaws Apaws! efurrybuddy EARned a medal that's for sure... so muchb flappering ears woohoo!

  26. Amazing ear flapping we thinks everyone did pawesome.

  27. *Appaws! Appaws! Just incredible! These might be the BESTEST ear flappers in the history of ear flapping!

  28. Wow, those are some flappy ears indeed! We missed hearing about Joey Dog's crossing the bridge, it must have been while we were Away, and we are very sorry to hear this. Many licks and snuggles to your family.

  29. What a diverse and talented group. So enjoyed this event. Thanks for all your hard work hosting it. The PAWlympics have been a highlight of our days.

  30. Wow! Pawsome earflapps!! So many different kinds too! Who knew, BOL!

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  33. So many wonderful memories♥ Thank you for this♥