Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We're Back!

Greetings everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your humble doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. I have lots of news for you today!

In my last report, I said that my ghostwriter would be working a lot of long hours over the next several days. Along with working that extra time, she had to drive through some of the most horrendous weather we've had so far this winter. At times it was white-out conditions with high winds blowing the heavy snow squalls, on roads that were mostly ice covered with packed snow, and in some places not plowed at all because it was 3am! Needless to say, she was exhausted. Now she finally has a few days off. 

So today I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day! Here's the beautiful Valentine's Card my dearest Princess Leah sent me that I finally got to look at last night:

It was after midnight when ghostwriter was finally home from another grueling work day. So I ran outside right away to howl at the big full moon.

Ghostwriter used the night vision setting on her camera to get this shot of me barking outside in the moonlight. I hope I didn't wake you up too late, my dearest Princess. But thank you, thank you for the wonderful card. I always know when something has arrived for me from you, and get all excited about it.

Here are some other news stories from the past week. Saturday was my favorite miniature human, Ryan's sixth birthday party with family. (He's not so miniature anymore.) Oh, that cake is home made with ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies. Yum!

Earlier this week, he had a party for all his school friends. Instead of presents, he asked his friends to bring bags of doggie food and treats, which he then donated to Lollypop Farm Animal Shelter.

Wow! What a great idea!

Ryan's little sister Lily wore a beautiful heart-covered dress on Valentine's Day.

Isn't she lovely? She's almost one year old now!

In other news, the local birdies sure appreciated the food we put out for them during the cold days. Here are some of them:

Heckle and Jeckle

Woody Woodpecker

Sparrows Inc.

Dad made some winter time comfort food for us. Yum!

Tuna casserole. Yummy! 

My Joanna human (sibling #2 of 4) sent me a great picture of my three kitty cat cousins. 
Tibie (aka Tiberius)
Maddie (aka Medusa, aka The Kitten Overlord)
Hanni (aka Hannibal)
They certainly had the right idea about what to do during the cold weather: stay inside and sleep!

 Tibie, Maddie, and Hanni live with a birdie named Echo. He's an African Gray Parrot. Now here's a surprise for you:

Echo loves to eat lobster shells! Ghostwriter says she remembers when she had pet parakeets. They would always have a cuttlebone in their cage to eat for the calcium and minerals in it. Ghostwriter also says she puts egg shells out on the compost pile for the birdies to eat for the same reason.

Go figure!

Today we saw something amazing:

Blue skies and the sun!

It was so bright, I had to squint!

Later we watched the sun go down.

And we watched the moon come up.

And finally, here's an old picture of me and my late colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. He would have been 17 years old on February 15. We still miss him like crazy!


And now, ghostwriter and I will take a look at all of our Blogville friends' posts from the last several days. We hope you all had a good time on Valentine's Day. Thank you again to my dearest Princess Leah for the beautiful card. I will cherish it forever. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another Crazy Day!

Greetings friends and fans. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your pertinacious doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I went out this morning, and the snow was covered with a layer of ice! In some areas I could walk on top of it. But in other spots my feet broke through. 

It made for some pretty tough going, that's for sure. I went slipping and sliding a few times! All day long there have been snow squalls rolling through. So one minute it's sunny, and the next it's snowing like crazy. It looked like a blizzard for a while, so ghostwriter cancelled my appointment with the vet. 


Well, we were all set to spend the day relaxing at home despite the weather, and watch the birdies flying back and forth between the Sparrows Inc. Winter Lodge in the Sticks and the birdie feeders.

Then, ghostwriter got a phone call. One of her coworkers was begging her to come in and work for four hours. But when exactly are those fours? From 11pm until 3am! She said she would do it. I say she's insane! 

She also told me I have a special greeting card in a special red envelope, that says "The Queen's Mail" on it. But I can't open it until tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. 

Hmmmmm … I bet it's from my dearest Princess Leah, sending me loves and licky kisses.

I hope she got the card I sent her too. And now, I've got to run. It's starting to snow again. 

OK bye!

Ghostwriter says she might not get the time to write The Daily Bone for me tomorrow, since she's going to be home late and go to bed at 4am, and then has to go back to work at 3pm. (I still say that's insane!) We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. (And I hope these snow squalls stop soon too!) 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Wild Winds

Greetings diligent readers. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your steadfast doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel.

It has been a turbulent few days here in Western New York. Wednesday we had freezing rain all day long. It covered the trees and grass and bushes.

Then it all melted by the evening. During the night the freezing rain started again. This time it covered the driveway with super slippery black ice. Dad's car was coated with the type of icy glaze that takes a hammer and chisel to get off. Fortunately ghostwriter's car was in the garage and has good snow tires. So she was able to take me to see my groomer Miss Jacquie. 

Meanwhile, lots of birdies were enjoying the seeds we have outside for them. Not many people like starlings, but I think they're kind of pretty in their speckled winter feathers.

However, Mr. Mortimer Seedcruncher III, CEO of Sparrows Inc. was not pleased to see them eating all the suet, and pooping everywhere! 

Last night the weather changed again, and now we have falling temperatures, and very high winds. The wind advisory said it would be 25 to 35mph, with gusts up to 60mph! Wow!

I went out and checked the Sparrows Inc. Winter Lodge in the Sticks.

Hi birdies! Are you OK in there?

A lot of them came out and chirped loudly at me, but they didn't fly away. I don't know if they were happy to see me, or angry that I bothered them. From all the noise they made, it was certainly crowded in there! I'm thinking it's a convention with try-outs for their annual birdie kick-boxing event coming in Spring. 

Seriously! Have you ever seen sparrows fighting? It's no holds barred! I'm glad I got my season tickets already!

Well, as long as they're safe from the blustery wind! 

I think I'm just going to stay inside the rest of the day and play with my squeaky toys. The wind is supposed to quiet down later. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

But There Was a Bunny!

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your soaking wet doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I needed to go out. Ghostwriter thought that since freezing rain was pouring down like crazy, I would just do my business and come right back in. But there was a bunny!

We didn't see the bunny. But I could smell its footy prints all over the yard. I simply had to investigate this bunny trail. Because that's my job when there is a bunny!

Sorry we didn't get more pictures of this. Ghostwriter didn't want to go outside and slip on the ice. But I didn't care if I slipped on the ice because there was a bunny! 

I sniffed the area under the birdie feeders. I trampled the muddy garden. I scrambled over the compost pile. I squeezed myself right through the Sparrows Inc. Winter Lodge in the Sticks from one side to the other. The sparrows were not too happy about that! But there was a bunny! 

I followed the tracks to the wood pile, over the mounds of dead leaves, all around the edge of the fence, and through all the swampy puddles everywhere. Ghostwriter went and got Dad to call me to come back in. But there was a bunny! 

The bunny escaped into the neighbor's yard. I saw it, and barked at it. Dad shouted and hollered at me to come in! At long last, I finally came back into the house. Dad and ghostwriter were mad at me for getting all wet and muddy. But there was a bunny! 

They had to dry me off with a towel. 

But there was a bunny! 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Blustery Days

Greetings ardent readers! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your steadfast doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I am standing in the back yard, and as you can see, it's quite sunny out. But don't let that sunshine fool you. It's 2ยบ and the wind is whipping through at way below zero. Here are some pictures from yesterday when the storm finally rolled in at mid day. 

We didn't actually get too much snow in our area south of Rochester. Sometimes the storms coming off the Great Lakes dump most of their snow on Buffalo and run out by the time they reach us. But we did get the cold temperatures and high winds, making it very dangerous to drive or be outdoors.

It was a good thing we filled up all the birdie feeders. These birdies were very happy to get a good meal. Sid Starling wasn't picky, and ate a variety of suet, seeds, and bread bits.

The little nuthatches enjoyed the suet the most.

I checked out the Sparrows Incorporated Winter Lodge in the Sticks. There were dozens of sparrows in there. They didn't even fly away when I got near. In fact, a few of them came out and sat on the sticks and fence to greet me! They were very grateful for the food and lodging. Mr. Mortimer Seedcruncher III, CEO of Sparrows Inc. requested that we put out some more bits of bread in the window feeder. 

OK Mr. Seedcruncher. I'm heading inside now to tell ghostwriter.

Our Uncle John, who lives in Tonawanda, took some nice pictures of the Niagara River. He's a great photographer! He and ghostwriter remember when they were kids growing up. They would go for a big walk by Niagara Falls to see the ice, and they didn't care how cold it was! 

Don't worry about me being out in the cold. I only stay out for a few minutes.

And then I go in and take a nap. I hope everybody in the path of that storm is safe and warm now.