Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Helicopters are Coming

Hi everybody! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Spring is a great time of year in our area. Things are growing like crazy. The grass has to be mowed practically every other day, the trees are now covered with leaves, and flowers are blooming. A definite sign of summer is the coming of helicopters. Before you envision a scene from an action thriller movie with a noisy flying machine with scary propellers that can chop you to bits, the kind of helicopters I'm referring to are the seeds of our silver maple tree in our back yard. For the last two months it's been growing these things.

These seeds are designed to whirl around in the wind as they fall and they look like miniature helicopters. Our tree has a huge abundance of helicopters this year as you can see below, and they're all just about ready to drop. When that happens the air becomes filled with these whirling, spinning seeds.

I'm predicting a mass dropping by early next week. I'll be sure to report when it happens. It'll be like a blizzard!

My human got mad at me today because I wouldn't come back in the house when she called. I'm sorry, but I caught an interesting scent in the grass, and simply had to investigate.

Sniff sniff …
Sniff sniff sniff …
There's a squirrel's nest way up in that tree! See that blob of dead leaves?
I'm sure my humans will be out there soon and blast that nest with the hose. Woooooooo-hooooo! What fun that will be!

Now I'd like to introduce a new friend! His name is Charlie and he lives in Australia! Wow! Here's the link to his blog. I'm hoping he'll let me know what a crikey is. Sounds like it could be a wonderful type of squeaky toy! You know how I love to learn new words.  Anyway, he has lots of fun and posts some beautiful pictures.

I also found a great cocker spaniel video. The link is below. Dear Daddy: Please don't mow the lawn so that we can run and jump like this cute doggie! Hooray! 

Oh, and Charlie, to answer your question, these are grackles (video below.) Pretty annoying, huh? Fortunately once they're finished nesting they usually aren't as noisy.

(This is what they do to your car if you park near their nest. )


  1. SQUIRREL did you say SQUIRREL????? Pawsome selective hearing there. Drives my peeps nuts too. We just met Charlie and he is a blast. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly! Stay tuned for squirrel blasting day!

  2. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I like scents in the grass too! Wait - did I hear the word "HOSE"??? Yes please!

  3. Crikey! I don't know what a crikey is its just ..... well ..... crikey!! Aussies use it all the time. Who knows why???? We're all a bit mad, I guess. It sure isn't a squeaky toy. It's kinda like an exclamation or when you are surprised by something, maybe. You can say blimey or struth the same way. I like crikey best.
    Blimey (just to be different)! I sure would like to see a video of those helicopters when they start flying around. Sounds interesting.
    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. That was VERY nice of you and much appreciated. Mum is going to do a blog for you so look out for it. She got all excited when she heard you were from upstate New York. Don't know why but she said she has to do a blog for you.
    That cocker spaniel video was great, aye? I so wish I had a paddock like that to run in. What fun!!! Now you see me, now you don't ....
    Crikey those grackles are a piece of work, aye? I know why they call them puffing grackles. They sure get worked up before they talk. S'pose you learn not to park your car under a tree, aye?? Very messy!!

    1. I'll add crikey and blimey to my vocabulary list. I love to learn new words! Actually the grackles pick up the baby birdie poop from the nest and fly about ten yards with it, then drop it! After a while you can follow the poop trajectory and find the nest, and figure out a better place to park! haha!

  4. Hi Chester! I'm frum way out west in Idunno, land o' spuds.
    Charlie frum Douwnunder an me go way back, like maybe a few months.

    Glad to meet yu!

    1. Hi Zoe! Great to meet you! We love spuds and eat them whenever we can, especially with lots of butter!

  5. Hello Chester - we r Shiloh'n Diva Shasta. Don't know y mom callz us the Beaglebratz - yes - we r Beaglez butt the bratz part - what iz that'boutz? Anyway, we wuz over at Charlie'z bloggie an'he talked'boutz u so bein'the Beaglez we r, we like tue sniff an'snoop out interestin'stuff, we thought we wood stop by. We haz LOTZA thoze whirlygigz in our yard tue frum a big maple tree - our mom HATEZ'em. We wuz readin'your profile - we like tue due a lot of what u due - that'z y we don't haz no bunniez in our yard an'the squirreliez sit on the telephone postz above our yard an'teaze us. Oh - due u like napz tue? We LOVE our nappiez - we gotzta go take our early mornin'nappiez now butt we will b bak soon.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting our humble blog. It's great to meet new friends! We hope you catch those darn squirrels!

  6. It'z Shiloh'n Diva Shasta agin - we furgotzta tell u that we iz the Secretariez of Social Netwerking of Blogville an'az such, when we meet new furriendz, we offer up an O-FISHAL WELCOME TUE BLOGVILLE!
    S'n DS