Thursday, August 14, 2014

Roaring Thunder!

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I’m your lovable doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I was just enjoying an ear scratch, when all of a sudden there was a loud thundering noise! It wasn’t the garbage truck. It wasn’t a thunder storm. In fact, the weather today was fine, clear, and cool with a nice refreshing breeze. Lots of big, puffy, white clouds were floating in the blue sky, and the sun was shining brightly.

What's that? 
Where's it coming from?
To my surprise, our ghostwriter jumped up and ran out the front door. 

She stayed out for quite a while, all with that roaring booming rumbling scary noise going on! My fellow canine Joseph (Joey dog) Stephens and I were getting pretty concerned. What was going on? It sounded like the noise was traveling really fast over the house and everywhere. We didn’t know which way to turn. It must be an alien invasion! 

We were so relieved when she came back inside! 

When we saw the pictures she had, we finally knew what all the noise was about. It was time for the annual air show at the Rochester International Airport, and that noise was from the USAF Thunderbird Fighter Jets. Wow! Mom said it was very hard to get a picture of them in the sky, even though they flew right over our house a couple times. They fly faster than the speed of sound, which means by the time you hear them, they’re already past you! She did manage to get a couple snapshots. Here’s the best one of the lot. 

Oh, and a turkey vulture wafted by too, seemingly unperturbed by the noise (photo below.) 

Here's a picture from online so you can get a better look at these amazing jets. 

As soon as it started, the air show was over. Now about those ear scratchies … 



  1. Glad yu survived that big noise! Mommy knows bout tryin to take a piccie of a plane. She couldn't even get a piccie of a crop duster wurkin in the potato field by my house. All she could get wuz the stuff it wuz droppin.
    Those fighter jets wuz goin lots faster!

  2. Maybe next year we'll go to the show and see the planes up close! Or at least drive up the hill where we can see better.

  3. How cool! Momma has been at football games where dey do da flyover and she says it are really cool.

  4. How neat! That must have been really loud!!

    1. Hi Miley and thanks for checking our The Daily Bone. Yeah, those jets were really, really loud! And so fast!

  5. Thank you so much for your barkday wishes for our brudder.

    Mom loves the air show but she knows loud noise doesn't always please everyone. Hope everything is ok at your place.

    Momo & Pinot xo

  6. Wow that must have been a blink and you miss it moment. Will your peeps be going to the air show? Sounds like fun. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Moly

  7. Yeah, those jets are really loud, growlmy says they hurt her ears too, esp from up-close at the airport here in Battle Creek. She saw them at our annual airshow this July 4th weekend. They come often, and the peeps go evfurry year.....

    There is an entry about them in MJF's blog on July 4th. With upclose pics, too! They are neato!! And we thank the service men & women fur all they do fur us.

    Glad you had a glimpse. They fly over our den when they do their regrouping manuevers, we are about 8 miles away from the airport.

    I bark at them, BOL! Sorry they scared you.