Monday, August 4, 2014


Good evening friends and fans. This is a TDB special report. I’m your enthusiastic doggie correspondent Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Wow! You won’t believe what we found in our own back yard! The compost pile is suddenly covered with mushrooms! It’s amazing! It's spectacular! I have lost count of how many there are!

(Don’t worry, I didn’t eat any of them.) Our ghostwriter said they’re more toadstools, and that they grew because of all the wet weather. However, I think there must be a toad convention, or a big croaking concert coming up if they need that many stools too sit on! As you can see, there are even balcony seats set up along the trunk of the bush.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this auspicious event! I can assure you, I'm going to be working overtime in hopes to see this imminent amphibian gathering!

We now return you to the video of the same name in progress.

Update: 9:43PM
Look who showed up on the front step! We brought him inside for an interview and photo op, then sent him on his way to the back yard toad stool festival.


  1. Dat are cool, we get mushrooms here too, but dey's in da front yard. And dey don't come wif a toad!

  2. OMD Guyz that is a BIG convention area that those Toads are gonna be using...
    OMD do NOT NOT NOT EVER try and TASTE a TOAD.... I did it O N C E and it caused me to FOAM at the MOUTH... BLECH. THAT is a Big TOAD you have there... and it would cause BIG Foaming...

  3. Crikey if you get enough of those ugly lookin' blokes to fill all those stools you'll be doin' more than foaming, aye??

  4. Wow those sure are a lot of mushrooms that have popped up. Yikes a toad. I'd probably try and chase it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Those Toad Stools are cool!
    Hmm, maybe that toad dood is in the toad stool settin up crew, gettin ready fur the concert.

    1. Yeah, he's the roadie toad come to set up the stage! Haha!

  6. One year we got tons of toadstools.... different kinds, too... it was kinda wetter dan usual den...not very many dis year.

    And don't see many toads 'round here... my folks usta have tons in San Antonio...