Friday, February 21, 2014

Secret Squeaky Toy Research Project

Good evening. Chester L. W. Spaniel here. You’ve tuned into The Daily Bone, your best source for up to the minute squeaky toy news.

My colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and I have been grieving all week for the loss of our dear friend Professor Braydie Spiker, who was the leading authority on UFOs and paranormal squeaky toy events. What ever shall we do when we have an important squeaky toy mystery to solve?  Much to our surprise, a big package arrived with today’s mail. Upon opening it, we found it was filled with wonderful squeaky toys. Our humans told us it was from Braydie’s own personal collection that she said we should have. Obviously, she intends for us to carry on with her important squeaky toy research! We are both delighted and honored that Braydie thought we were qualified for this mission, and will give it careful and diligent attention. We decided that we shouldn’t hurry with this project, so our humans only gave us one toy to start with at a time.

First Joey dog began with a life-sized stuffed bunny squeaky toy. He did a thorough tactile investigation before putting it back into storage for further research after he took a nap. I received  a strange round bouncy ball with a long fuzzy striped tail attached. My humans gave me a demonstration of how it flies through the air and skitters along the floor in an unpredictable manner, reminiscent of a fleeing squirrel. Wow! But as you know me, I have to find out what’s inside everything. It wasn’t long until I did a dissection, removed the squeaky, and then separated the tail from the ball, creating two toys from one. What an important discovery this was!

I'm ready for the next squeaky toy now! 

In other news, there is more Olympic speed skating on the TV. Around around around around around around around around … 

Unfortunately, the warming temperatures have turned our back yard into a swamp. We doggies couldn’t do any of our winter sports today. Perhaps if it freezes over night, we can attempt some ice skating tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to give a detailed report then, along with more results of our top secret paranormal squeaky toy research. And that’s a memo. 


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