Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympics Daily Doggie Update

Good evening ladies, and gentlemen, and doggies. This is your intrepid doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Today I found out what bobsledding is. This is an another Olympic winter sport in which the humans try to figure out who can get down the mountain the fastest. This time they are riding on a type of sled that looks like a bullet. It usually involves a team of two or four humans who start by pushing the bobsled as fast as they can for a measured amount of space. Then they all quickly cram themselves into that sled, and ride it down a long, steep chute made of ice. This icy chute isn’t straight, but has a number of sharply banked turns. The sled with the humans squished tightly inside can reach over sixty miles an hour! There are lots of other humans all lined up along the sides of the chute to watch as the bobsled shoots past quicker than an eye blink. This sport is so scary and dangerous that my colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and I could hardly stand to watch. But the humans love it. Everybody shouts and cheers for the humans on the sled. We doggies still don’t understand why they have to get down the mountain with such speed, and wonder if there will be a contest to see who can go up the chute the fastest. Oh, and if that isn’t scary enough, there is also a type of sled on which only one human can just barely fit, lying on his or her back with feet sticking out in front. This is called a luge.  

Scary, scary stuff! 

Joey dog and I think the humans are crazy to do these sports. But we sincerely hope no one gets any snow and ice up their noses as they zoom down the mountain, and that no one goes flying off the side, or crashes at the bottom of the chute. I think Joey dog and I will stick with running through the snow. And that's a memo. 

I'm going to run to the pear tree and Joey dog will time me. 

Ready, set, go!


What was my time?

Well, that was a lot of work. Time for a nap!

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