Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

Greetings my fellow Americans, and friends all over the world. This is The Daily Bone and I’m your patriotic doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel along with my independent-minded associate Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel.

Today is the Fourth of July! Two hundred thirty-eight years ago the United States of America declared it’s independence from England. Hooray! 

It was nine AM when my ghost writer turned on the computer and started writing this for me. After a couple weeks of oppressive heat and humidity and daily thunderstorms, today is nice and cool, so we turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. We could hear the cardinal family chirping to each other in the nearby trees, the robins and chipping sparrows singing, the mourning doves cooing, and the inevitable drone of a lawn mower from a few blocks away. Incidentally, the grackles have all concluded their nesting business, closed up shop, and moved out of the neighborhood. What a relief! Then, POW! Somebody was already lighting off fire crackers! In New York State, it is illegal to have fireworks for personal use, except for sparklers. But hardly anybody follows that law. As soon as it gets dark we know that several of our neighbors will be setting off their own fireworks that they smuggled in from Pennsylvania. 

On TV, the Fourth of July is the reason for big sales at furniture stores and car dealers. They start advertising two weeks before and go on for two weeks after. (After this time period, it magically turns into Back-to-School shopping time.) Joey dog and I have yet to figure out why they do this, except they must think everybody has the day off and would like nothing better than to wander around their stores and parking lots, rather than have a picnic with their friends and family. 

Joey dog and I will be spending the holiday at home with Mom and Dad. After working seven days in a row, Mom plans to do absolutely nothing! She might, though, give some thought to getting back to work on her novels. These are totally different than The Daily Bone because they are scary murder mysteries! But I digress. 

Instead of noisy fireworks, we would like to show you some things from our yard that kind of look like fireworks. 

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July. Remember, many doggies are afraid of loud boom booms and bright flashes, so be considerate for their sake. 

Oh, if you want to see something special that happens every Fourth in this area of New York State, put the following words in your search engine: ring of fire fingerlakes. It’s quite spectacular. And that’s a memo. 

10:30PM. This is a Fourth of July update:

Dad cooked some mouth-watering steaks on the grill this evening. 
Wow, look at this: grilled filet mignons with mushrooms and
roasted potatoes and vegetables. 
With the dishwasher running, we could hardly hear the fireworks.  Good night.


  1. WE like your FLOWER FIREWORKS better than any that the peeps shoot off...
    BUTT we know that they LOVE to celebrate AMERICA's BIRTHDAY in a big way.
    Can't have fireworks in OHIO either... butt peeps still do it.. Legal to SELL them here... just not Shoot them off.
    Have a SAFE and hopefully NOISE free Holiday.

    1. We expect a few of our neighbors to shoot off some fireworks like they do every year. We just stay inside and wait for it to be over. In the meantime, there are some delectable looking steaks going on the grill soon. Hope we get a sample!

  2. Hi there!
    Happy 4th July to you both, I really enjoyed this edition of the daily bone, it's now my new favourite place to get up to the minute doggy news coverage! I hate fireworks too, they make me bark, it's nice to see your fireworks flowers, much nicer and quieter and much more beautiful ... Also nice to sniff at and pee on when the occasion presents itself!
    Have a wonderful independence day, enjoy the fun and foodables and stay safe! Love and Tummy Rubs from Frank XxxxxxxxX

    Ps, what breed is Joey?

    1. Hi Frank! We're so glad you liked TDB! We love to meet new doggies and their humans. And you're right, flowers are great for peeing on, although I usually get in trouble for that. Joey dog and I are both purebred American cocker spaniels although we're both a bit tall for the breed standard. Joey dog doesn't have his tail docked, and our groomer Miss Jacquie leaves his tail hair long like a flag. We usually get a short haircut every six to eight weeks to keep cool and clean. Thanks for asking. Cheers, Chester.