Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Special Food Section

Hello. Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel here with The Daily Bone. It’s time for our Special Food Section.

Perhaps you’ve noticed I have been trying to get my egoistic colleague Chester L. W. Spaniel to give more time to my food report. If you’ve been following The Daily Bone for a while, you’ll also know my credentials as a food expert. I am the DCI (Doggie Chief Inspector) Comestibles Division for this precinct, and therefore responsible for checking out all food that is brought into and eaten in this house for freshness, palatability, and quantity. I’m also the founder of the Yum Yum Coalition, and maintain the Yum Yum Coalition Safe Food Directory. I research and decide whether certain foods are OK for doggies to eat, and which are not.

 So while Chester is outside chasing squirrels, here is today’s food report:

Mom’s lunch today was bhindi masala with added vegies, basmati rice, fresh tomato slices, a glass of guava nectar, and a cup of chai and some shahi jamun for dessert. I didn’t care much for okra in the bhindi masala, but everything else tasted OK. (As you can tell, Mom has been experimenting with Indian food lately.)

Dad’s lunch was a grilled hamburger patty on a bun with ketchup, relish, and onions, and a big glass of diet cola. As a rule, doggies should not eat onions even though they’re crunchy and delicious.

This is a Yum Yum Coalition Safe Food Directory no-no. This moldy zucchini has seen better days and should be remanded to the compost bucket!

And finally, here’s our lunch time treat: left over basmati rice that has been simmered with butter in a rice cooker. Heavenly! Now wasn't that fun?


  1. Joseph you did a Superior job of Food Description and Review. We agree that the zucchini has seen better days... and NIGHTS no doubt. You have a compost bucket, too? Do you save EVERYTHINGY (except Meat) in your bucket?? Even Coffee Grounds? WE do that here. All Fruit and Veggie trimmings... except Corn Cobs... beclaws We tend to get those out of the garden... and ...Butt we digress... You did a fine job. It was good to hear from you.

  2. Yes! The compost bucket is a brilliant idea! It gives me a chance to pick out all the goodies before it gets dumped on the pile! haha! Oh, and I heard corn cobs can cause intestinal blockages in doggies if they eat them. So never put them in the compost pile where your doggie can find them.

  3. Yeah, dat zookini do not look too good.