Monday, July 7, 2014

Miss Ginger

Hello everybody. This is Chester L. W. Spaniel, your humble doggie host for The Daily Bone.

This time of year, we always think about our dear friend Miss Ginger who went to doggie heaven in July 2010. Here's a picture of her sitting in her sunny spot.

Miss Ginger always liked to provide music during meals. Even though she became completely blind by the time she was seven years old, she was still full of "ginger." She would lead the way on walks and was never afraid of thunderstorms. She subjected all visitors to a thorough interrogation before she let them come into the house. When she could still see, she loved to chase rabbits. She hated to get her feet wet, even if it was just dew on the grass.

We miss you Princess Poo Poo!


  1. Oh Chester this is a SUPER Tribute post about Miss GINGER/Princess Poo Poo!! We loved learning about her. She left some GRAND memories to keep the SAD away.

  2. Miss Ginger sounds like a pawsome pup.

  3. Crikey Chester ..... Miss Ginger looks truly adoreable. Bet everyone loved her heaps and miss her terribly. It was good to meet her.

  4. Hello Chester, a little Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and I´m happy that you will follow my thoughts. Here we have rain and no summer all over.....but our soccer team made fantastic goals ......have a happy day.
    Wuff and LG
    Aiko - sorry my english isn´t perfect - but I love to read more in german from you...try ist!!!