Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dirty Birdies and Pretty Angels

Hello everybody. This is the Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

We continue to have very cold weather here in Western New York. I went out yesterday morning when it was 1ºF, and got smacked in the face with -20ºF wind chill and blowing snow! But don't worry. I only stay outside for five minutes or so. Today it was -3º when I went out. Fortunately, the wind has died down now.


The birdies are eating tons of food in order to stay alive in this arctic cold. We have to refill the window box feeder two times a day! We do have fun watching them, though. 

Here comes a starling. 

And here comes that cowbird again!

There's Debbie Dove flying around.

The gang at Sparrows Incorporated Country Club in the Sticks are very funny to watch. They all line up on the top of the wooden glider. More sit in the sticks on the left side. When they get spooked, the whole bunch dive into the snow covered stick pile and disappear. Oh, and the wind carved the snow to look like angels on the seat of the glider. Very classy!

A lot of the birdies sit on the bottom part of the glider. They often zoom in and out of that spot.

I went out to pay them another visit and see if they've been cleaning up after themselves. 

It was pretty smelly back there!

Check it out! Yes, all that stuff on the snow is birdie poop! 

I'm going to have to lodge a complaint if this keeps up! But I couldn't find the Sparrows Inc. CEO Mr. Seedcruncher today. I'm sure he'd tell his huge extended family to stop making such a mess.

I'm sorry to say, ghostwriter was a bit worried about me catching some kind of parasites from all that birdie poop. I think Dad is going to grind up that entire stick pile when the weather warms up. 

Meanwhile, the cowbird sat on the feeder, showing off his shiny feathers, and eating snow. And then he made a big slimy poop on the window! (We're not going to show you that!)

Good grief! Well, I hope all the birdies survive this bitter cold. But I do think the smorgasboard will end as soon as it warms up. That should be about next Wednesday. We'll probably be out of seeds by then too.

Wait a minute … what's that?

You had a 40 pound bag of birdie seeds and now it's almost gone? Holy moley! That means there's probably 40 pounds of birdie poop in the stick pile! Yipes! 

One of our readers, foleymonsterandpocket, was wondering if that cowbird is maybe an angel coming to visit us. Well, Miss Ginger had lovely glossy black furs with tan points. But I don't think she'd be so rude as to poop on the window. We think the little chickadees are the angels. 


  1. Happy New Year, Chester and family!!

    Whoa, it's been crazy cold here in Toronto, too! Glad everyone survived!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  2. It felt like -40c/f the last couple of mornings - we don't last 5 minutes. Suppose to warm up tonight.
    We just got a bird feeder. A few chickadees have found it. We can't wait for more visitors!
    Stay warm!

  3. Its begginign to warm up a tad here...we are now above 15F...but our winds are picking up and blowing snow around. We have to fill up our feeders all the time too. Wow, those dudes out there eat tons of sees and yup, they make a ton of birdie doo-doo. We put a fence around the area of seed-fall and droppings...because indeed, last March MJF did pick up a bug or something that made him quite sick.

    Your angels on the bench are quite lovely...soon they will melt away...but their memory will be in this blog forever!

  4. Oh Chester you are from hearty stock..Look at your zoomies and snow fun. We agree before we even saw your caption Mom thought wow they look like angels.
    It was a bone chilling 4 real temperature here at wake up time, but nothing compared to your temps. YIKES!! 63 in the house at wake up. Our wonderful faithful and much appreciated furnace did a good job of keeping us warm. We've have about 170 hours of below freezing weather as of last night. They say we have a tropical heat wave tomorrow with high in the 40's and EVEN 66 later this week. I agree I'll believe that when I feel it.
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom says thank you for the good wishes.

  5. I was minus 6 when I went out this morning to do business, Chester -but the weather peeps are saying that this week will be warmer, thank goodness! I have been missing too many walks!
    The chickadee is so pretty!

  6. You sure have to keep track of lots of birdies in your yard. That sure is a lot of poop from all those feathered ones. We're so glad to see temps over 20 this afternoon. It's a heat wave!!! BOL!

  7. Those angels on the bench are just so pretty. But the poop on the bench is NOT so pretty.

    40 lbs. of seed??? That sure is a lot. You are so good to feed the birdies.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Sorry you are so cold there. We have been fairly mild (knock on wood!).
    You are so nice to make sure the birds have food even though they poop everywhere
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. I showed my mommy the angels on your glider and she almost fainted with delight! She collects angels, you see. We've nevfur seen anything like that around here--and nevfur will!! We love the chickadee photos, too!

  10. Our Spikey the one we hand raised is a chickadee and he is an angel. He never does any poopie in his feeder or when he comes in our door. We don't see many chickadee around here and sure wish he could find some of his kind. We still have the cold and today it has been an ice storm. Slicker than sliding in bird poopie.
    Happy New Year Chester L. W.
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. I think your parents are right, C. Keep away from the 40 pounds of poop back there. It cannot be good stuff.

    Love and licks,

  12. Great reporting. Your pictures are wonderful.

  13. Good thing your ghostwriter is feeding those birdies for you to chase! Our mom says the wind is a deal breaker. We hope it is warmer today!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Birds do a lot of pooping! It's probably a good idea to evict them when it warms up. LOL!

  15. We keep our snow in the mountains ...and never visit it,

  16. Dear Chester,

    That is TOO COLD! The bird poop sounds delightful, however! Will you save some for me?

    Stay warm!


  17. Hey Chester! Romey even had to wear BOOTS because his paws kept FREEZING to the ground! And he was only out long enough to do his business! We have been spending a LOT of time inside. This weather has been NUTS. Hopefully we will see warmer temps this week. The driveway is like a skating rink!! Definitely think it is a good idea to evict those birds! Too much POOP.