Thursday, January 4, 2018

Deep Freeze

Hello loyal readers. This is The daily Bone and I'm your hardy doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

All day long we've been hearing about the big storm on the East Coast. Some call it a bomb cyclone. Others call it a nor'easter. I've put a link at the end of this post that has some great videos of the storm moving up the coast. It does indeed look a lot like a hurricane! 

While we here in Western NY will probably not receive much snow from this weather system, we still have high winds and bitter cold temperatures. We've been getting some Lake effect snow too. Here is what it looked like on one of our main highways during rush hour: 

The birdies and (gag) squirrels have been snarfing up seeds all day in our yard. 

Mourning doves.

A squirrel with a scraggly tail.

What little sun we got, looked kind of bleary. Ghostwriter says the wind was whirring ominously through the treetops all day, and the clouds were flowing by at a fast pace.

Meanwhile, my Florida associate Miss Charlee says it was in the thirties today. People in South Florida often don't have central heating in their homes. Charlee says she's trying to keep warm with space heaters, and heating blankets. 

She also said iguanas are falling from the trees! She sent me a link to a story about them, which is given below at the end of my post. Can you imagine a gigantic iguana falling on your head, or on your car as you're driving? I wonder if we'll get squirrels falling from trees?

For my last story, our Oma moved to a new room at the nursing home. Now she has a bed by the window, and hopefully a room mate who isn't up all night watching TV. 

Ghostwriter says she'll go visit Oma next week when the weather is supposed to warm up some. But for now, I'm going to sleep! I hope everyone keeps warm! Good night!


  1. BRRRRR! Try to stay warm and indoors. We feel bad about whining about our temps in the teens. I'm not made for cold weather. LOL!

  2. Its way cold here too...but at least we are not in that nasty storm! When petcretary drove home from her work, the car said the temp was -11 outside. Brrr!

  3. Oma looks very happy in her new room! We got that blizzard and mom has more shoveling to do today! Stay warm, Chester!

  4. We're shivering here too and we are probably going to get much more snow than you will have. It's so funny how we can live so close but have such different weather. That lake effect sure keeps us guessing.

  5. Good grief Chester that is some cold looking out of doors. We have the cold temps for us and a wee bit of snow but nuttin' like you. Stay warm. Oma looks very content
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. We heard about those iguanas on the news this morning - that is just insane!!! We sure wouldn't want one of those to fall on our furry heads. Oma looks very happy - what a nice, bright, and cheery room she has!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Wow, we sure hope you warm up soon Chester!! We love the last picture of the beautiful moon. We bet you and Princess Leah had a wonderful conversation that night!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. We got the bomb and the cyclone. We also got a broken snowblower and paid way too much for the driveway to get plowed. And now it is going to be in the negative numbers for two days. Is winter over?

  9. We saw the story about the iguanas on the news!! Hope you stay warm
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. No central heating?? Brrrr. And those poor iguanas. Imagine all of a sudden falling to the ground not knowing what happened.

    Hopefully Oma will get some nice sleeps now. It's important to have good sleeps as you well know!

    Mara from Norway