Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Surprise Present

Hello. This is a fast breaking TDB special report. I'm Chester L. W. Spaniel, 
your excited doggie reporter. 

The mail came late today. Dad brought in an armload of different things. But I knew right away there was a package for me! 

I was in such a hurry to open it that I nabbed it right off the table. But ghostwriter took it and opened it for me.

Look look look lookie look! A present from my dearest Princess Leah! Wow! There's a blue chewy ball and a squeaky toy! Wow! Dad put a chewy yum yum doggie treat inside it, which I got out pretty quickly.

So ghostwriter put peanut butter in it. I've never had a toy like that before! (Joey dog and I used to fight over toys with food inside of them. It was the only thing we ever fought over.) Do you see the spiky rubber teeth it has? Those are for cleaning my teeth. (I think it just makes it more manly!)

Then ghostwriter had the bright idea to put some yum yum doggie kibble into the teeth!


Now look look look lookie look at this toy! It's a squeaky toy INSIDE a chewy ball! 


I love it!

You see? I already covered it with loves and licky kisses!

There was also a beautiful Christmas card from Leah's humans to ghostwriter and Dad. 

It's a Christmas tree with ornaments AND the moon is shining over it!

Good thing the moon has been coming up early! 

I'll be calling you shortly to say thank you very, very much for the wonderful presents! 


  1. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Your Princess Leah sure is a catch! What wonderful presents!! I think I would like that kibble ball!

  2. What a perfect pressie package Princess Leah sent you. You are a very lucky dog.

  3. Oh Chester, that last pictures says a thousand words!!
    Arty Jakey & Rosy

  4. What wonderful gifts! That was so thoughtful of Princess Leah.

  5. What perfect gifts from Leah! Treat balls are just the bestest!

  6. I love your new toys, Chester. I will ask Mommy to get me some just like them! ~Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

  7. Chester OMCs you are the luckiest Dude in the universe to be loved and adored royally by our Princess Leah and she is the best shopper she knows how to please her guy
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Such lovely new toys, C! I think you will have a blast with them. A toy with treats has to be like heaven! Toy. Treat. Nuthin' not to love about that!!

    Love and licks,

  9. Oh wow what an amazing gift from Princess Leah!!!
    I have one of those balls with the spiky teeth - mine is red and mum puts little biscuits in it!!
    I would love one of those squeaky chew toys though.. I will put that on my list for Santa next year :)
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie!

  10. Wow, those are furrific pressies! Nice going, Chester!!

  11. MJF Used to enjoy getting treats out of toys like that too. Not so much anymore...
    And he and his cousin Murphy would fight over anything edible too. Sheesh. Dalton has not had the chance to do that as he gets fed separately from MJF.