Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Yum Yum Food Report

Hello everybody! This is The Daily Bone Special Yum Yum Food Report. I'm your salivating doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. Today I'm featuring some local Western New York favorites.

I'm not wasting any time. Let's get right down to business. Here is a delicious, sweet, juicy pear. Along with it we have a grilled sandwich with Swiss cheese, tuna, and roasted red peppers. (Ghostwriter stole this recipe from Fox's Deli, except she used Pain de Champagne bread from Wegmans instead of rye bread.)

Next we have a wonderful dinner with a grilled Zweigle's red hot (a WNY favorite!) with locally grown corn on the cob from Gro-Moore Farm, and steamed vegetables. 

Here's a mouth-watering grilled pork chop that has been marinated in State Fair Spedie sauce, with spanakopitas, and a salad with dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) feta cheese, tomatoes, and Greek salad dressing. 

On Sunday we had a family dinner. Ryan was quite happy to be eating a piece of Pizza Corner pizza with lots of crunchy, fresh vegetables, and a plate of pickles. There were also Buffalo style chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing on the side. 

Ghostwriter tried out a new recipe for the pears from our tree, but she didn't want to do any baking. These are going to be caramelized pears. She dipped the cut sides in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and cooked them face down in a big pot. When the sugar started to brown, she added a little water and let them steam a bit. Yummy! 

Most of the pears from our back yard tree got ripe super fast. Ghostwriter simply peeled them and poached them with a little sugar and cinnamon. Now we can store them in the fridge.

Sweet yummy dreams everyone!

Here's some information for locavores: 

Fox's Deli is in Rochester, NY.

Wegmans supermarket is based in Rochester NY

Zweigle's hot dogs are made in Rochester NY.

Gro-Moore Farm is in Henrietta NY

State Fair Spiedie sauce is from Binghamton NY. 

Buffalo style chicken wings originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY (of course!) 

Pizza Corner is in Henrietta NY, only a short way from my house from my house! 

Fresh pears courtesy of Joey's pear tree in our back yard. 
He would have been proud of this year's crop! 


  1. Yum - thanks for all the links as well. Mom had one of those red hots when a friend of hers was visiting family that way and brought them home in a cooler. SO yummy. She's taking a vacation day today to attend a funeral of a WWII Vet who belongs to her church so she has time to make us a yummy dinner I think.

    Abby Lab

  2. We have a hunch that you eat a lot better than at our house! Our pawrents often have cereal for supper!

    Yo-ho-ho! Yer Pirate Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. It's always such a toss up on which of your meals I wish could be sitting on my kitchen table, Chester! The caramelized pears sound wonderful!

  4. Mom says she will devour that plate of veggies with the corn and top it with Ryan's bowl of veggies:) She loves fresh veggies. We will have some of that pizza and maybe some pork chop too.

    Your pears look so good, no wonder the rabbits and squirrels love them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Your peeps eat so well! It always looks so delicious
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. Lovely foods, C. I didn't realize that was Joey's pear tree. Sweet! Poached pears with cinnamon. YUM!

    Love and licks,

    1. Joey used to keep a close eye on that tree. He would pick one or two pears every day and lay down on the grass and eat them.

  7. Oh Chester your Yum-Yum report has mom's mouth watering OMCs! Do you know what type of pears grow on your tree. My dad loves Bartlett's
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. I love pears, but I kinda forgot I had some and now they have gone beyond nice. Perhaps I can caramelise them though. For Christmas I make stewed pair with red wine and such. The pears will go all red (if I do it right, last year I didn't).

    Mara from Norway

  9. it all looks so good. Ill be headed to NY!! bol


  10. Gee your food photos made me drool all over the keyboard!!!
    I really love the look of the corn but I've never tried pear.. I will have to get mum to get some for me :)

  11. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Do you get to any of the pears before the people do? Do they share the ones in the fridge? Is your tummy full of pears in that couch picture? Did your little person friend share his dinner?

  12. Wow, those are some pears that grew this season! Amazing!
    And lots of local yums to choose from:)