Thursday, September 28, 2017


Greetings friends and fans. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your confused doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel.

First, I want to say thank you to my good friends Ojo and Jacobi at dogdoesntfetch
for asking if we were all right since we haven't posted for about a week. Everything's OK here. Ghostwriter has just been very busy. She told me—and I didn't quite understand this—that she has to get a noonie in a couple weeks, and this needed a lot of planning and doctor appointments. What the heck is a noonie???  So she showed me a picture:

I remembered that she had surgery on her left knee several months ago. But it didn't help, and the knee has gotten more and more painful. So now the only thing that can be done is to get a new knee. The doctor will cut her old knee out (like a soup bone) and put a metal and plastic thing in it's place. Being a doggie, I wondered what the doctor will do with her old knee, and asked if maybe I could have it to chew on. (Well, she did say soup bone!)

I think the answer to that was no!

 What do I know about such things? To me, a bone is a bone! Apparently ghostwriter will be staying in the hospital for a day or two while she gets her new knee. I wondered what I will do while she's there, since Dad will probably be visiting with her most of that time. I overheard them talking about putting me in a doggie jail hotel for a couple days. (Gee, I didn't think that bit about getting to chew on ghostwriter's old knee was such an issue!) But then my Jason human, sibling #4 of 4, said maybe I could stay at his house. He says he has a fenced back yard and could take me for a walk! He has two room mates who said they wouldn't mind having me around for a couple days. But they also have a big old kitty cat named Xerxes who is quite demanding of attention. The only kitty cat I've ever lived in the same house with was Maddie cat, who used to punch me in the nose!




  1. I have a fenced in yard and no nose punching kitty, Chester. You can come and stay with me! We are sending ghostwriter tons of positive AireVibes and POTP! We hope she breezes her way through this!

  2. Good luck Chester...We bet you and the kitty could get along for a bit. Sounds much better than doggie hotel jail!!

    We are sending lots of POTP Ghostwriters way and hope her noonie goes smoothly!!
    Jakey, Arty & Baby Rosy

  3. OH my cats Chester. Please give GW our very best wishes for her upcoming surgery and most impawtantly a very speedy and complete recovery.
    I hope you have a pleasant stay at your human brothers and you and the cat can find common ground.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Chester, we hope your Mom's noonie procedure goes very well and that her recovery is excellent and speedy. Be a good boy, and have lots of fun with that cat:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Hope all goes well with Ghostwriters noonie surgery. Putting up with a cat would be better than jail we think
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. My Mom had her knees replaced 15 years ago. She did have a tough recovery but they have made a lot of advancemnts since then. We are praying that your Mom has a speedy recovery.

  7. Sending lots of hugs and klemmer and good wishes and all sorts like that to your Mum! Hoping she will be back soon to help you be the great reporter you are!

    PS: if you will stay with Jason and his friends and Xerxes, you could be a foreign correspondent for a while? Might get better pay...

    Mara from Norway

  8. We're sorry to hear the Ghostwriter has to get a new knee. We have our paws crossed for her and for you so that you and that kitty get along okay.

  9. My dogness, Chester! OMD.
    I got so far behind I toatally missed this; By now perhaps you are back at your kitty-less den?
    And your Ghostwriter is hobbling around on her new knee.
    POTP nevfurtheless!
    There is news at my den, of the reasons I got so behind...a little attention needer:)

    Here is the address to our new blog heading: The old links won't work...
    Not sure if the follow buttons will work, I do hope so.