Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mousie Alert!

Hello. This is a TDB special report. I’m your concerned doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Autumn weather has finally arrived, and it’s gotten cool out. With the cooler temperatures, the Miscellaneous Mousie Mob begins their insidious invasion of the garage. That’s where we store dry goods like bird seeds, noodles, rice, and cereals, and of course our yum yum delicious healthy weight management crunchy meatballs doggie food. Yes sir, the garage is prime real estate for mousies!

I saw one picking up the bird seeds that had fallen on the garage floor. It ran outside and I chased it under a rock. Unlike the shrews, this mousie had a long tail and big ears, and only made quiet squeaky sounds. I almost caught it, but it escaped through the fence. Drat!

Here’s the storage container for our doggie food. I smelled mousie tracks back there. I then proceeded out the door to do a search for any other signs or scents of mousies in the yard.

There were also mousie tracks under the window bird feeder. I decided to widen the parameters of our investigation. Reinforcements were needed, so I enlisted the assistance of my esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel, who is known for his excellent nose.

Here's the bush at the other corner of the house, a popular hide-out for all kinds of miscreants. 

We decided to return to the scene of the crime. A doggie's work is never done! 

Here's a great video of cocker spaniels retrieving game. Wow! 


Evidence. Somebody chewed a hole in the peanut bag!
Fortunately, the bag of doggie food is still intact. 
We'll keep up the surveillance! And Dad will put everything into mousie-proof containers. 


  1. OMD it is that time of year and you have to be extra careful about Homeland Security. Little feet are heading your way. Keep those eyes peeled my fine friends. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh boy mouses, I have never seen a mouses but I'm going to keep a look out now
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. OMD Chester YOU have MOUSIES.... WE had an invasion by a CHIPMUNK yesterday... it was under our AC Unit... and I (Ernie) DEADED it. Guess it really is THAT TIME OF YEAR... Good that YOU were on GUARD and VIGILANT and stuffs... it COULD have eaten YOUR FOODABLES... BRAVO Buddy... We are proud of you.
    We suppose SQUIRRELS will be NEXT to invade.

    1. Wow! Good for you Ernie! The Conniving Chipmunk Consortium has been rather quiet around here lately. We have not seen or heard one in a long time.

  4. Must get mousies! They are bad lil critters.

    Go get 'em guys!

  5. Mum watched the video. All she could say was 'poor little birdies'!! All I could say was 'why can't I do that'? Birds are for huntin', aye?? AND mouses!!

    1. We felt sorry for the birdies too. But it was fun to watch those spaniels work! Maybe Dad should stop mowing the lawn so we have some tall grass and weeds to run through! We hardly ever see pheasants around here anymore.

  6. Pheasants?! We used to have those here, from time to time.
    And bob-whites, too.

    Today and also yesterday, growlmy saw baby snapping turtles! oh-oh. She had to put one off the driveway, cause else she would have driven right ovfur it.

    Mice and their cohorts are frequenters of our den too...and yup, they like to chew holes through all kinds of so called noms.

    Grwandpawppy once found a mousie carcass inside the bag of dogy noms...Eeeeuuwwwww!
    No wonder their doggy didn't want to eat anything. BOL!

  7. We caught a mole yesterday, Chester! Those nasty varmints are out there trying to invade our space. Stay with it!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Wow! We've never seen a mole. Lots of shrews, though.