Monday, September 1, 2014

Random Photos

Hello. Chester L. W. Spaniel here. This is The Daily Bone.

Today is a holiday. It’s Labor Day, and the humans are supposed to have the day off work. But my ghostwriter has to go to work yet again at 2:30pm. She didn’t have time to do a photo session this morning, so we’re going give her a break and show you some random photos that we like.

First up, here are a herd of cows that were grazing close to the road. Mom pulled over to take a couple pictures for The Daily Bone.

Ryan discovered that Joey dog can eat from a spoon. 
Angus on a car ride with his Dad. 
Charlee got to lick the peanut butter jar! Yum! 

Dad moved the furniture around so he could clean the floor. Look a all the squeaky balls that were hiding under there! 

Back to the storage facility for you! 
Wow! Let's leave the couch here. It's perfect for squirrel spotting! 

Look what's in the pods!
Here's a pair of caterpillars on a rose leaf. 
Mom's morning glories.


  1. Great piccies! I laffed, I cried, I went EEwww when I saw those catter pillars.

    Yu found a hole big stash o' toys unner yur furnitures! Score!
    Please tell us yu don't really put Away yur toys?

    Did the couch get left at the winnow? Yu got yur own Observation Point! OPChester!

  2. I heard growlmy groan a big eeuuwwwwww!
    Just like you, Zoe, BOL!

    Though it is a nice closeup...of the UGH type, BOL!

    That sure was a big stash of toys! My kitty brofurs leave mousies in hidey places like that, too...once growlmy collected 14 of them at the same time, Wow!

    Have a great Labor Day, and tell your ghostwriter to enjoy her day at the nursing home, because growlmy says, someone will smile and it will be worth it!
    (Growlmy just loves it when her residents respond to her like that, sometimes.)

  3. Wow that was some stash of squeaky balls. Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Labour Day to you.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Don't forget, our humans are science geeks. They think caterpillars are interesting and amazing—unless they're eating up the roses! The two pictured here got transported to the compost pile where they will work for the forces of good, or at least feed the birds. We're still waiting for monarch caterpillars to show up on our milkweeds. Warning: we will show pictures of them! haha! You're Growlmy is right about the nursing home residents. If you can get someone to smile then it's all worth while.

    1. We Like the monarch flutter byes.
      A hunnerd years ago, Mommy wuz a teacher. Her classes always tried to find sum monarch flutter byes to watch 'em make their cocoon an turn to flutter byes. But when Brother an Sissor wuz growin up, they could never find a flutter bye to watch.
      She still looks fur 'em, even tho Brother an Sissor are all grown up kids now.

    2. She meant they looked fur the catter pillars. Makes it sound like they would look fur the flutter byes to make the cocoon.