Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strange Fruit Part 2

Hello again. I'm your comestibles expert reporter and Yum Yum Coalition founder Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. I will now talk about the next strange fruit in this culinary series.

In honor of the World Cup soccer games in Brazil right now, my associate Chester L. W. Spaniel and I decided we should feature something the size of a soccer ball.

How's this?

It's a honeydew melon!

Here it is all cut open. Smells great!

Mom used a special instrument to scoop out bite sized circular pieces. 

We mixed it with the pineapple for a wonderful fruit salad! 

Is it yummy? Yes indeed! 


  1. Hmmm, I's not dat big on fruit, but it are pretty wif da pineapples.

  2. I love fruit. Even grapes! My very favourite though is apples. I really LOVE apples. Mum used apple as treats for me at doggy obedience school.

  3. Be careful I heard grapes are not good for doggies.

  4. We're mad about pears! Last year we had a ton of them on the tree in our back yard. Joey dog and I could pick one and eat it every time we went outside. This year it rained too much when the blossoms opened. So there are only a few growing. We'll have to keep the Evil Squirrel Cartel from taking them!