Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strange Fruit Part 1

It’s time for the Yum yum report. I’m your culinary doggie host Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. The humans have a wide variety of fruits they eat. Some of these are quite delicious for doggies. One of the more strange ones is the pineapple. Oddly, it is neither an apple, nor does is grow on pine trees.

My colleague Chester couldn’t figure out what to do with it other than sniff the tantalizing aroma. But being the yum yum expert, I simply waited for my human to do the preparation work.

Using a big knife, she cut the top and bottom off, and then carved off the thick, prickly skin.

These pieces, along with a couple over ripe bananas, were taken outside and placed in the compost bucket.

What was left was a whole bowl of delicious yumminess! And that’s a memo.



  1. We like to chew on the kinda hard inside part. It's like a pineapple bone!

  2. Momma likes da pineapples, I's never tried em.

  3. That middle bit is great and it cleans your teeth. We have a pineapple farm near us and we got 3 freshly picked HUGE pines the other day for one dollar. Ya gotta try 'em Whitley. They are real good!