Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dog and Toad are Friends

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I’m your lovable doggie host Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. My sidekick Chester L. W. Spaniel is on a reconnaissance mission, looking for squirrels.

Apparently the squirrels have refinanced their home building loans and have restarted their construction project in the silver maple tree. There were many fresh leaves down this morning, and although this might have happened because of the recent stormy weather, they may also be evidence of covert squirrel activity. By the way, look at what the rain has done to ghostwriter’s flowers. And here’s Chester barking up the right tree:

I joined the mission for a while and didn’t find anything significant. Chester got yelled at for trampling ghostwriter’s flowers. You know, I can never understand what’s so great about flowers. They’re only around for a week or so. We doggies stick around for years as your faithful companions. But I digress.

Whilst we doggies were sniffing for squirrels, ghostwriter made a stunning discovery. Right in the middle of the bottom of the compost bucket was this guy:

By the way, the compost bucket by the back door is a great thing to have. The humans put all their vegetable scraps in there when they don’t feel like toting them all the way to the compost pile at the other side of the yard. I then get to pick out the choice goodies, like cauliflower leaves, broccoli stems, moldy peppers … but I digress again!

I took a peek in there and, being the elder homeland security officer, and more knowledgeable about the local fauna, identified it as a toad. We like toads. They eat bugs, especially those annoying flies and mosquitoes. Chester, who is sometimes a silly doofus, proceeded to bark at it and bat the bucket around so he could catch the toad.

I tried to tell him that this was a nice, respectable toad, and not a squeaky toy. Fortunately ghostwriter intervened, took the bucket to the front yard, and and released the toad away from Chester’s inquisition. Fair well, toad. I hope you catch lots of bugs! Remember to stay out of the compost bucket. And that’s a memo.

This just in!

We have been having to stay home alone a lot lately because of our humans' manic work schedules. Most of the time we do this:

But then we found this video of a super dog. Wow! We didn't know doggies could do all that!

Oh oh … maybe we shouldn't have shown you that. That looks like a lot of work! 


  1. OMD a toad. Can I come over and play? Your garden is the coolest place. Imagine the fun we could all have with the toad, the squirrels and chipmunks and shrews. HEAVEN on earth pals.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. A toad? How cool, I's never seen one of dem!

  3. Cool!! A toad-- we don't have them in our yard but Momma sez dey usta have a bunch when they lived in San Antonio...

    That video is cool... have you ever seen the Jesse videos?? He's amazing!!