Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ironing Board Man Rides Again!

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Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Hooray, it’s Ironing Board Man! See, I told you he exists. (If you don’t know who Ironing Board Man is, just scroll down to the end of this blog—you might have to click back to older posts—and read all about him.) As you can see in the photos below, there is Big Ironing Board Man, who made the ground shake when he went by, and Little Ironing Board Man. Wow! What’s more, he works for us. He and a whole bunch of his friends have been hard at work paving the street in front of our house. Last week he brought a gigantic machine that looked like a dinosaur that tore up the old street and spewed it into dump trucks. Yesterday he had a big green monster machine that took asphalt from the dump trucks and laid it down neatly all around the block. Then Ironing Board Man drove around over it several times until he was sure it was perfectly flat.

Why do I think he works for us? Well the signs on all the dump trucks said Town of Henrietta, and that's where we live. My humans told me they have been paying property taxes for the last thirty years, and that adds up to more than $60,000! Wow! So this is proof of our tax dollars at work for us. It was such a momentous occasion that we got out lawn chairs and sat in the front yard to watch and take pictures. Some of the neighborhood kids sat on the grass to watch too. It was a lot more fun than watching computer generated super heroes on TV. Thank you, thank you Ironing Board Man and all your hard-working friends! Now we’ll have a nice smooth road to drive on. You’re my favorite super hero!

Little Ironing Board Man
Big Ironing Board Man
There's a baby Ironing Board Man too!

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