Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blustery Sunday Night News

Greetings loyal readers. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your windblown doggie commentator 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

If I look kind of squinty today it's because in this photo shoot, there was a gale force wind blowing in my face! I'm rather tired today too because all night long thunderstorms kept rolling through our area. I'm not afraid of thunder. In fact, I usually bark at it during the day. Night time barking, however, is reserved for an all-out hostile alien home invasion. 


A long, low rumble of thunder at 2AM doesn't deserve that kind of alarm. But it does involve tip-tap-tip-tappping upstairs and down the hall to ghostwriter and Dad's room, and a cold nose to an arm or leg to remind them that I'm here in case the storm develops into a typhoon or something. 

It's been raining like crazy too. My back yard is full of puddles and wet leaves. But we did have some breaks in the eternal grayness typical of WNY in November, and ghostwriter got a few nice photos of the beautiful Fall leaves.

We've also had some spectacular sunsets.

And the full moon made a brief appearance. (Hi Princess.)


Dad's been filling up the birdie feeder lately. We've seen lots of chickadees, blue jays, and juncos (all the winter birdies) along with the usual sparrows and finches. But you probably know what else those yummy seeds attract. That's right: the Evil Squirrel Cartel!

Friday there were not one, not two, but four screwy squirrels in my yard all at the same time! You better believe I gave them a run for their money!


Non Sequitur

Oh, and I guess I should do a quick food report. First up, probably the last grilled steak of the season.

My humans have started switching over to their winter menu. Here's ghostwriter's famous stir fry with Udon noodles.

Here we have a breaded pork chop, and mashed potatoes, with peas and carrots.

Pooch Cafe

And I'm glad to say ghostwriter's left knee is getting better every day. She can walk without the crutches most of the time now. She even went out and raked some leaves yesterday! She says some of the muscles in that leg are still kind of stiff and wonky (whatever that means.) 

That's all I have to report. I was looking forward to a quiet night, but there are storms moving through our area yet again. It's messing up Dad's satellite connection!

Well, I'm going to sleep anyway.

Good night.


  1. You found some pretty leaves and a few sunny breaks to get those pictures. We are gathering supplies to build an ark in case we need it. Do you think it will ever stop raining?

  2. Those were some pretty good storms. We just got some light showers today but it was cold out. After church Mom and I just hung out while she read and took a break from the computer. Tomorrow she goes back to work after two weeks off for Dad time and getting the house ready for winter as my Dad is in Europe on business through a good bit of November.

    Abby Lab

  3. Petcretary loved your leaf collage! Looks like Nature's Artwork!

    Those storms went through our area too...not too much thunder but lots and lots of rain. As if we needed it. Petcretary said the puddles will soon spawn fishes so we can hunt for our dinner, and even go swimming. Friday we had a few brief times of sunbeams...and OMD, we have had soupy fog too.

    Since petcretary and Dalton are going to the Toronto area tomorrow, its a good thing we have rain and not snow...hope she doesn't have it on the way back either.

    I like to bark the thunder, too, it helps to scare it away, BOL!

  4. I likes to bark at the thunder too (when we gets it, which isn't often)! I agree, the only barkin' I usually do at night is when I see a raccoon or possum or roof rat or other asst. nocturnal's we gots around here! Then I gots to give an alert, butts then I go back to sleeps.
    I hopes you gets some good sleep tonight, and I am so very happy to hears abouts Ghostwriters leggie! WoooHoooo!
    Ruby ♥

  5. That is wonderful news about ghostwriter's knee, Chester! She will be back to herself in no time at all now☺ We loved the pictures of the autumn leaves and berries!

  6. Gosh you have been busy defending your humans from fearsome sounding storms. I'm loving the nature photos and the food shots could be displayed on Instagram with you adding the cuteness element. Brilliant news on Ghostwriter's improving knee too. Have a fabulous week and hope the breeziness in the air has calmed down for you. xxx

  7. Chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear us cheering for this most wonderful Report!
    FYI: we think you deserve a Pulitzer for your stories and they way you are able to get so many fun events wound up in to a great story w/ photos. Love the 5 second rule.
    Yay for GW's left knew being on the mend!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. First off: very glad to hear Ghostwriter's knee is definitely on the mend.

    Please don't talk about rain though. I have seen so much of it over the past few weeks and months, I am getting really depressed each time I even see so much as a rain cloud.

    I want to have a bird feeder on my window (using suction cups), but I am afraid it will just be blown off. Besides, I wouldn't know how to get it up there in the first place. Miss Oswin will just have to look a bit further to find any birdies (no squirrels here).

    Keep up the good work Chester!

    Mara from Norway

  9. We have had cold weather with some snow thrown in. WE got snow on Saturday but most of it left our yard on Sunday then Sunday evening it snowed a little more.
    So glad the knee is getting better!
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Your leaves are so pretty! We don't get much sleep during thunderstorms either. Bentley wants us awake in the event that we need to hunker down in the hallway. You dinners made my stomach growl! I'm taking notes on your knee so if I have to have mine replaced, I'll know what to expect.

  11. I a so sorry you had terrible storms. I hate storms. I think you were very brave. Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures.

  12. Yayyyyyy fur Ghostwriter being able to walk around on two legs at last! You took furry good care of her!
    We heard about all the stormy weather going around where you live. I'm glad you're all safe and dry. Love all the bootifur photos!