Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Night News

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your savvy doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Look look look lookie look at my new squeaky toy! It's supposed to be indestructible! (We'll just see about that!)

After several days, I managed to pull out some stuffing and the squeaker. But most of it is still intact.

Do you know who got me this new squeaky toy? I got it from my Jessy human who came to visit me all the way from Florida! She was here for six days and I was pampered the whole time! 

Yeah, scratch behind that right ear. Ahhhh.

I was sad that she had to go back home today to nice, sunny, warm Florida.


I don't blame her because it's been cold, cold, cold here in Western New York! One minute it's dark and dreary, and the next it's sunny. 

Well, mostly it's been gray and miserable.

Garden Buddha managed to cover himself with leaves to keep warm.

There have been lots of birdies around.



Blue Jay

Sparrows Incorporated.

Dad worked hard to get the lawn mowed for the last time this season. He found another wooly bear caterpillar. I heard that the length of the orange strip indicates how long the winter will be. Ghostwriter says that's just an old wive's tale. But I think she was a bit worried. That's a pretty big orange stripe on this wooly bear!

After the photo session, we put him back in the leaf litter to go on his way.

It's now been six weeks since ghostwriter got her new left knee. She goes to physical therapy twice a week where they put her through all kinds of contortions. Today there were three other people there who all had left knee replacements. Ghostwriter said it was the left knee club. 

She had to write down her physical therapy goals. One of them was to be able to take me for a walk around the block! Wow! I hope she reaches that goal!  


  1. We really liked the picture of the cardinal and the blue jay too! hope the caterpillar is not right, we are already looking forward to spring! Cold and rainy here all day and we may get some snow
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Chester!! It's shame to admit as royal readers, but we didn't know that your ghostwriter got a new knee! Sounds like she's doing well and hope you will be out for a walk together soon. We're sending our Spaniel licks and hugs across from the lake!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  3. Send some of those sunbeams here, if you see any...we are wet and cold and windy, too...Poor Pipo who needs his daily sunpuddle dosage.

    Glad GW is starting to set major goals for herself. Walking around the block gets to be major when the weather is inclement.

    You have lots of pretty birds!

    Petcretary gave Eddie one of another type of so called indestructible doggy toys when she was there...and after she left, he too disemboweled out the squeaker and destroyed almost the whole thing! Hmmm...maybe someone needs to call up the dog-toy maker...Dalton is good at toy destruction too, BOL!

  4. It sure has been dreary around here Chester! That is one of the reasons we don't like late Fall and winter here...I suppose we should get used to it is only NOVEMBER! So glad you had a visitor from Florida! Always fun to be pampered a bit! Happy Weekend Chester!
    xo Chloe, Romeo and Juliet

  5. That oopsie happens to me all the time with my tennis ball, Chester. At least your new toy didn't fall far. It's so much fun having visitors stay with you. Bummer it couldn't have been longer. You and ghostwriter are going on that walk one day soon. Yes you are!

  6. That was so nice of Jessy to come for a visit and bring you that nice toy. Around here there is no such thing as an indestructible toy. We have our paws crossed that your mom reaches her PT goal soon.

  7. That looks like a great new toy, Chester. And of course, they are meant to test our skills at destuffing and desqueaking!!!

    We saw four of those wooly caterpillars on our walk this week, three days in a row. We didn't know about the orange stripe, but it WAS the first time we saw any of them. Mom had a hard time keeping us from snacking.

    Ghostwriter is moving right along with her knee - we bet you get that walk soon, Chester.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chester visiting human sissy now that is super duper special.
    Brrr I bet she was glad to go back to the Sunshine state.
    3Cheers for GW as she works toward her goal of walking you around the block...hopefully before it is too cold.
    That wooly caterpillar is kinda purrty well he is red and we love red
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. We hope your mom reaches that goal too! It seems there are lots of knee replacements these days! Is your toy still intact (sort of)?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. We love when our human sister or brother come home...especially bearing gifts! That is a cool caterpillar but I'm sure our bayou winter will be a dud. LOL!

  11. It's always nice to have company come and spoil you! Tell your Ghostwriter we're still cheerng her on!

  12. That was a very generous and lovely gift. I hope it lasts a long time. The Ghostwriter is doing great. It took a long time for Mom to get better so your Mom is doing great