Monday, April 21, 2014

Singing Doggies

Hello everybody and everydoggie! This is The Daily Bone and I’m your vocal doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

This evening I want to talk about musical communication. For humans, this means singing. Looking around on Youtube, I’ve found that there are plenty of animals (besides birds) that can sing. But I also noticed that humans especially like to share videos of singing doggies, cats, and goats. My dear friend Miss Ginger, who passed away four years ago, had a fine singing voice. Too bad our humans don’t have many pictures of her. This photo was taken when we were all gathering around the table to commence our favorite daily doggie activity, food watching. Miss Ginger used to provide musical entertainment at every meal.

No I am not sniffing her butt! It's just the camera angle. Sheesh!

I listened to several videos of doggies singing in order to choose which one to feature on TDB. I decided that I liked the one with the doggie who is singing with a squeaky toy in his mouth (video below.) What a wonderful talent!

Woooooo wooooo bark bark bark wooooo!

I think I have an excellent singing voice, even if I do say so myself. Perhaps it’s time for my humans to buy a video camera so that they can put me on Youtube along with the all those other great singing doggie. This photo of me singing along with the video hardly captures my excellent performance. 

Canine singing has been a long tradition in this house. In fact our patron saint Miss Charisma could sing and say yum yum even though she was almost completely deaf. The only exception to this tradition is Joey dog. He says it’s because of his more reserved nature. He can, however, howl quite well when our humans have to leave us alone in the house, and does not hesitate to bark loudly at squirrels and other invaders. Well, we can’t all be singing celebrities.  

Old Miss Charisma

Oh, and here's that singing goat video in case you're interested:

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