Friday, April 18, 2014

Planet Ryan

Hello friends and doggies! This is The Daily Bone and I’m your totally stunned and amazed doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Wow! Today our humans made another treacherous interstellar trip in the car to our favorite miniature human’s home planet. They returned with lots of intriguing pictures of Ryan’s ever growing collection of high tech futuristic squeaky toys.

Here is his brand new squeaky toy storage device. I would love to stick my nose in there! 

Here he is with his dad sitting in the middle of his play room. As you can see, there are additional storage devices visible all around the room. I can only postulate that they are filled with even more fantastic squeaky toys!

This gigantic squeaky ball looks like it must have some anti-gravity properties. Perhaps it's a model of the expanding universe inside a bubble. Next to it is yet another control monitor for keeping track of his vast squeaky toy inventory. Upon closer inspection of this photo, I discovered that this was also a learning device.

Now this completely blew me away: irrefutable evidence that Ryan is actually learning the doggie language (doggish.) My astute colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel agrees that this is amazing!

Amazing indeed! 

I was wondering what Ryan’s current favorite squeaky toy was. The answer was totally mind-boggling: Peeps! Joey dog consulted the Yum Yum Coalition doggie dictionary and found out that Peeps are a type of highly refined space food made out of a foam matrix covered with artificially colored finely ground sucrose crystals. 

Well that does it. I am going to have to get over my fear of riding in a car, and make a trip to Ryan’s home planet so I can personally experience all of his squeaky toy collection. Joey dog suggested he come along to gain some first hand knowledge of these edible Peeps things in order to update the Yum Yum Coalition doggie comestibles data base. 

Yup. There’s a grand and immense universe out there. We doggies have got to get out there and explore it. 

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