Sunday, April 27, 2014

Everyone's a Celebrity

Hello.  This is The Daily Bone and I’m your popular doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel.

 I can never understand why the humans pick out certain people to become celebrities. I mean how do they suddenly decide, oh that guy is somehow worthy of our complete adoration? Mostly celebrities have some kind of talent, like singing, acting, being funny, or being good at a sport. Being rich or some kind of royalty helps. With all TV channels these days, you can become famous just by being able to cook, run a pawn shop, fix things, find antiques, or eat weird foods. Sometimes someone becomes a celebrity for having a scandalous lifestyle, or doing something outrageous. There are even celebrities who do nothing but talk about other celebrities!

You might think being a celebrity is a great thing. Everybody loves you. You get invited to fancy parties and make lots of money. The paparazzi follow you all around, take pictures, and hang on your every word. However, as soon as you say or do something wrong, you become the butt of every joke. Heaven help you if you gain a few pounds, have a bad hair day, or wear an ugly outfit! Your face will suddenly be on the cover of all the gossip rags at the supermarket check-out lane. That’s the problem with being a celebrity: one day you’re in, the next day you’re out! Everyone has a good laugh before moving on to the next celebrity blunder.

The media have made politicians into celebrities now too. But the purpose of a celebrity is to provide entertainment. As far as I know, running a country isn’t entertaining. Our leaders are supposed to balance the budget, keep us safe from criminals and foreign enemies, build things like roads and bridges, make important decisions, and uphold the Constitution. I think politicians should pay more attention to doing their jobs rather than hamming it up for television. Leave the entertainment to the celebrities. 

Maybe I should run for president again. 

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  1. Every so often, other than famous people with scoliosis there are well known celebrities of such sophistication, whose brains are clear to the point, that it is hard to know how to converse with them without feeling like an idiot.