Monday, December 9, 2013

We Survived

Hello, this is Chester L. W. Spaniel, chairman of the Squeaky Party, and this is another edition of 
The Daily Bone.

OK. We survived Black Friday. From what I saw on the TV news, it was a madhouse: crowds of people pushing and shoving each other to get into stores. Scary stuff! My humans told me that this mass buying frenzy was not because of a big disaster coming. They’re doing something called Christmas Shopping, and maybe buying things like squeaky toys. Well, buying squeaky toys is good. Everybody needs a squeaky toy. But why do you need a special day like Black Friday to buy a new squeaky toy?

And what’s up with that big fat guy with the beard and fuzzy clothes? He keeps talking about making a list and checking it twice. He’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice. (Does that include doggies too?) Then, there are lists of what everybody wants as presents … hey, if that guy is the one giving all the presents, then why are all those humans crowding into stores on Black Friday to buy even more presents? This just confuses the heck out of me! I mean, how many presents do we really need?

My esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel, who has been around longer than I, has a few more comments about Christmas in regards to pets. First, we can expect an increase of yum yums in the house, but he warns about food that is made from chocolate, which is poisonous to doggies. Second, for some reason the humans like to dress their pets up in costumes. Yikes! I thought we were past Halloween. While some pets absolutely hate being dressed in costumes, others don't mind. Most of us totally don't see the point of it. Third, sometimes the humans bring trees into the house at this time of year. What? Why the heck would you want to have a tree in your house? Well, we doggies will just have to tack that onto our list of weird things humans do. Oh, and one more thing: Joey dog says that doggies are absolutely not allowed to pee on said tree. Huh? And that's a memo.

Dusty from Ohio says, the hat is OK as long
as I get yum yums for wearing it.

Lane in Florida couldn't be less enthusiastic.

Joey dog, again, it's OK if yum yums ensue.

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