Monday, December 2, 2013

Special Report

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you an urgent update on the Evil Squirrel Cartel. I’m your energetic doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel reporting from the upstairs office. There was an evil squirrel in the birch tree right outside our window! Below is footage of my valiant efforts to scare the perpetrator away.

Here is when I first spotted that bushy-tailed varmint. You can see, I have already fogged up the window from barking. Usually this tactic works and the squirrel retreats.

When this didn’t work, we opened the window so that the miscreant was able to hear the full force of my barking effort. 

However, this arrogant criminal was not easily deterred. In fact, he sat and watched me from a branch while I continued to bark vigorously.

Finally, after more concerted barking, the evil squirrel turned tail and left the premises. Hopefully the Evil Squirrel Cartel will think twice before invading our territory again. 

I have now positioned myself so that I can maintain a constant watch on the upper tree branches in front of our house to be sure the Evil Squirrel Cartel doesn't try another attack. As you probably know, squirrels have a one hundred percent rate of recidivism when it comes to property invasion with intent to steal bird seeds, hawthorn berries, and other valuable commodities.

You can be sure I will keep you posted if and when further trespassing occurs. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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