Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday With Chester

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

It's been rather ho-hum around here this week. Not much going on. I only have one big story!

It's almost the end of October, and I haven't caught any birdies or bunnies or mousies! I was beginning to think I'm losing my hunting instincts. But a couple days ago I caught a birdie! I think he might have flown against the window or something and bumped his head. When I found him, he was on the ground below the window box feeder. So I scooped him up. 

Look look look lookie look! I caught the birdie for you!

Ghostwriter held him in her hand for a while so she could figure out what to do. 

Well, that little birdie bit her pinky finger real hard, wiggled out of her hand, jumped down to the garage floor, and scuttled under Dad's big wooden box beneath his workbench. I couldn't get into there to help the birdie no matter how much I barked and whined and snuffled and knocked over Dad's tools and fishing poles! So Dad and ghostwriter brought me in the house and said maybe the birdie will come out by himself and fly away if we left him alone with the garage door open. Unfortunately, the birdie never found his way out and we found him dead on the floor the next morning. Poor birdie! 

Other than that, things have been fairly unchanging around here. Skies were mostly sunny.

The morning glories are still blooming like crazy!

Ghostwriter's knee is getting better. She's taking some little steps without the crutches, and all that swelling and bruising is almost gone. And that's all there is to report!

Gee, I hope that little birdie wasn't related to Mr. Mortimer Seedcruncher, CEO of Sparrows Incorporated. If you'd like to know who he is, please check out this link:

Oh, in honor of Halloween, here's a link to one of my favorite TDBs ever! Zombies! But be warned! The videos are real scary! (Ooooo and yummy too!) 


  1. I'm sorry the birdie didn't escape - but you did our best to keep your property safe from invaders. Abby Lab

  2. We are sorry to hear your little birdie didn’t make it��. We have been running around here like has been pretty crazy! Glad to hear your mom is better! Happy Weekend Chester!

  3. Awww, poor birdie.

    Your GW is making great progress!

  4. Oh, poor little least you and your peeps tried to help out the little fella. I am so glads your nursing skills have helped your Moms knee heal up! I'll still send her some healin' vibes and some margaritas....I thinks those help ☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. Too bad about the little birdie. We know you and Ghostwriter tried to help.

    Good report on the knee. We are happy to hear it.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Good to hear that Ghostwriters knee is getting better. Too bad about the bird - he must have already been hurt
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. That is very sad about the bird. Did he leave a note?

  8. Oh poor birdie. But perhaps he really hurt his wings when he fell down.

    Well done to Ghostwriter! I hope she can soon sleep on her side again...

    Mara from Norway

  9. Poor little bird, but these things happen, they sometimes do mistake our windows for open space. Hope Ghostwriter's knee mends well.

  10. This is great news to hear about ghostwriter, Chester! That birdie was very foolish to bite her. She was only going to help him!

  11. Wait. What? Does it count as hunting when the birdie is passed out on the ground? Bummer about the outcome, either way. Poor confused little guy.

    Love and licks,

  12. We're sorry to hear that the birdie didn't make it. You did a good thing bringing it to Ghostwriter even if it did bite her finger. It's good to hear that Ghostwriter is coming along on her rehab. She is lucky to have you around to coach her.

  13. We are sorry to hear that the little bird did not make it out. Your peeps did their best to help, but perhaps the head injury was too severe. We hope you have better hunting this week.

  14. OMCs Chester that itty bitty birdie bit your GW's finger that was rude.
    We love the sky writing X
    Hugs madi your bfff

  15. I nevfur thought I'd hear mywoof bark this, but I feel bad fur the little birdie. I'm glad your fambly tried to help him. And I'm glad Ghostwriter's knee is beginning to feel like a knee again!

  16. Never a dull amount around your place, Chester! Rest in peace, cute little birdie.

  17. Chester we are sorry about the little birdie... it is OBVIOUS that YOU tried YOUR Bestest to help it out.. THAT was very kind of you. Think of it like this... he was a COOKOO and it was just his TIME.
    Happy HOWL O Ween to you.

  18. Poor birdie. We find a few around here too, that fly into the windows or fall victim to some predator. Keep smiling at those pretty morning glories and think about treats ♥♥

  19. Dear Chester,

    That is a sad story, and that is a happy story. Sad about the little bird. Happy about your ghostwriter's knee! Happy Halloween!


  20. Why don't birds ever whack their heads so I can catch them? What? I'm not supposed to catch them? Mooooommmm! Happy Halloween! Your pal, Pierre