Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Catch-Up Day

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your adventurous doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Ghostwriter is still laid up from her knee surgery. The nurse came over yesterday and took the staples out of the incision. She can get around with one crutch most of the time now, but has aches and pains that come and go. I'm still following her around everywhere! She sure appreciates all the good wishes sent by our Blogville friends! 

Flower Friday has come and gone. The only flowers we have right now are those morning glories. We thought they would have been dead from a frost by now, but they're still blooming like crazy!

We have a bumper crop of hawthorn berries this autumn!

The birdies will have lots to eat this winter!

Speaking of food, it's Yum Yum Saturday! Here are a couple meals my humans cooked in the past few days. 

Chicken and biscuits.

Beef stew and mashed potatoes.

It was a fine, cool, sunny day today. I spent a lot of time just sniffing around the yard and barking at the squirrels to stop burying acorns in my yard. 

I also found a few notable creepy crawlies. 

A very fuzzy little spider.

Another woolly bear caterpillar.

A box elder bug.

All day long there were flocks of red wing blackbirds and Canada geese flying over.  

There was only one problem: I got something stuck in my front paw. Dad picked me up, and rolled me over to check my paw while ghostwriter held a flash light. I wasn't too happy about this, and I have to confess I did a little growling. But then he found a big long splinter of wood sticking out from between my toe pads, and he pulled it out. I'm feeling a lot better now. Whew! 


  1. Glad Ghostwriter is healing. Hope your paw pain is better now the wood is out.

  2. Getting those staples out is one more step in the healing process. Now to get rid of that pain and the crutch.

    Those are some very pretty morning glories.

    Lightning says he commiserates with you, Chester. Having a boo boo on the paw pad is no fun. Today is the first day he seems to have improved. Still limping but not as much. Take care, pal.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Having the staples out must feel good - hope each day will be less painful for GW.
    Hope your pad is not too sore
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. Okays, you gots to warn Ma abouts the SPIDER PICS!!!!!! OMD, she jumped outta the puter chair likes I pharted or somethings! Anyhu, I am so glads your Moms got her staples out, butts Ma had flashbacks she would rather not talk abouts, so we will move on.....
    Those Morning Glories are, well, GLORIOUS! hehehehee Very purty!
    I am so glads your peeps got that splinter out ~ that could have been very bad if it would have traveled up any further ~ HIGH PAW to the peeps!
    Ruby ♥

  5. You mom is doing great. We are proud of her. And you are doing a greaat job being her nurse. Thank you for sharing your pictures

  6. We're glad to hear Ghostwriter continues to heal but sorry to hear you had a sore paw. We keep yelling at those squirrels when they dig in our yard too. Keep up the good work helping Ghostwriter with her recovery.

  7. We have tons of those box elder bugs...they are like a plague, there are so many...ugh. Some even have found their way inside...and we three are not into them at all,BOL!

    Dalton has decided to take over the digging duties...and he is mole if they don't leave enough of their own damage, now there are holes added...sigh....

    Glad those staples are out! Maybe you needed to feel like your GW and have an ouchie too...but glad that splinter is out. They are not nice to endure at all. Sending more POTP!

    Petcretary made a big bon fire...but fur some reason she didn't at all get out any weenies or marshamllows:( She did not even make packet dinners...sheesh. Her salmon would have been yummy that way...and maybe we would have scored some...yup...maybe!

    We didn't see many geese or other birds, but we did see some hot air balloons and MJF taught Dalton how to bark them out of sight! BOL!!!

  8. Gee, the tenant who lived here before us said we had a Hawthorne tree and our berries kinda look like your berries, only not quite as red yet. We need to check this out.
    Yay for your dad and ghostwriter helping your paw to feel better, Chester!

  9. Chasing rude squirrels can sometimes end in splinters. If those wily guys don't get you one way., they'll get you another! Thank goodness the splinter is out of your delicate paw.

    Love and licks,

  10. Chester we love your 'catching up' posts and OMCS the food has mom's tummy growling
    Kitty kisses to GW's knee
    Madi your bFFF

  11. Owie!! Thank goodness your peeps found that splinter!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  12. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! When you say that is some food that your people ate these last few days, does that mean that you did not get to try any? That would be very sad! But your face looks happy, so maybe you did get some after all? Also, squirrel patrol is very important this time of year, good job!

  13. Ooh, I hate splinters!! I had one in my finger once and it took ages to get it out. It really hurt as well.

    That spider sure looks big. The only thing we have is big black flies that come in when it's sunny and nice out. They buzz and buzz and buzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Mara from Norway

  14. Glad you got your paw fixed!! Hope GW is feeling better today. We sure have been enjoying the weather lately...if only it would stick around for another couple of months! That would be AWESOME!! Happy Monday Chester!