Friday, April 28, 2017

Flowers and Sunny Skies

Hello! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your earnest doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

We have lots of flowers blooming right now.

The sky the last few days has been just as amazing as the flowers. Here are some pictures in no particular order:

In other news, we received a lovely get well card from Princess Leah and her family. 

It has butterflies on it! Beautiful! Just like my dearest Princess.

I'm happy to say ghostwriter's knee is improving. She's able to walk more and more, and it's not as stiff anymore. She thinks maybe she can go back to work in two weeks, if things keep getting better. She is very grateful for all the well wishes from our Blogville friends.

Hey, if she goes back to work, that means she won't be home with me. But Dad will be home, so I guess that's all right. 


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a fast breaking TDB news flash.

We just caught our first June bug of the season! It was a real big and fat June bug too! Ghostwriter snatched it right out of the air! When we brought it in the house, it flew out of her hand! It was a very buzzy, bumbly bug, that's for sure! I chased it around and caught it a couple times before we took it to our photo studio.

Um, hi … 

I'm a June bug.

How do I get out of here?

We let the bug go outside after the photo session, and I went back to chewing on my last bit of rawhide bone.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program now in progress.

Until I find another one …


  1. You DO have a lot of flowers in bloom, and they are all just beautiful. And your skies are so pretty too, love the wispy clouds. And we all know what a sweetheart Leah AND her Mum are - that is a very nice care, complete with lovely butterflies.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. we sure wish we had more flowers blooming but all we got was more snow!! luckily it is about gone already.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    Yes! Tucker still lives with Bianca. He is sometimes re-active to other dogs so Bianca was the lucky one to do the walk and she did real well

  3. Those sure are a bunch of purdy flowers and beautimous skies!! But that June bug is amazing!!!
    Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. What beautiful photos of the flowers and the sky!

  5. Lovely flowers :) Can't believe you have june buggies already! We only have ants and worms.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chester your snow is gone and has bee replaced with absolutely lovely brilliant colored posies. We are so glad GW's knee is improving. Your Princess sent a beautiful card.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Great catch! Your flowers are lovely. We don't have any yet (but we did have snow until Wednesday so we aren't that surprised). Glad your ghostwriter's knee is improving.

  8. Such pretty flowers! We love spring!

    And the changing sky is so interesting all the time.

    Good to know that your GW's knee is doing better.

    Petcretary doesn't care for June bugs...I am not sure whether or not like them, BOL! The kitties have yet to see one in our den...

  9. The weather sure was nice the past few days. We enjoyed seeing all the flowers that have started blooming in our yard too.

  10. OMD, Chester, if my mommy saw a bug like that she's scream her head off, duck and cover!! That was nice of you to set him free! Your flowers and sky are furry pretty!

  11. Truly lovely piccy's we're verging on hot here, and heading into what's known as super hot and muggy. We loved your broadcast interruption with the June Bug update. :-D We love your Blog furiends.

    Molly and my Mom @The Fast and The Furriest

  12. GREAT NEWS about the mommy keen getting better!!
    All the flowers are pretty do they smell good?
    My mom said yuck to the june bug OMD, lol
    Send me some sunshine.
    XO Astro