Sunday, May 21, 2017

Little Birdie And Kitty Cats

Hello everybody. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your optimistic doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I know ghostwriter and I have been complaining a lot about the grackles around here for the past couple weeks. Hopefully the bombardment of our cars with their big yucky poops will finally cease now that all the babies have left the nests. They're still dive-bombing me and calling me all kinds of HBO words whenever I'm out in the back yard, but soon they'll be moving on. 

Ballard Street

Today we saw that the baby robins have left their nests too. This one was sitting right outside ghostwriter's office window!

She saw him again later in the maple tree before he took off flying to the roof, and then on to the neighbor's yard. We're not going to worry about this one. He'll be all right.

I'll be sure to report if any of these birdies decide to try to bring up another brood this spring. 

To change the subject now, I have a lot of friends who are kitty cats. Plus I have two kitty cat cousins, Maddie (aka TKO short for The Kitten Overlord) and Tibie (aka Tiberius.) They live with their Joanna human (aka Sibling #2 of 4.)



Maddie cat lived at my house for a while. Usually I kept my distance, or else she'd hiss and punch me in the nose. But we did forge a peace treaty when it came to watching birdies and squirrels out the window. 

Maddie and Tibie aren't the best of friends even though they share the same abode now. 

He's behind me, isn't he. Sigh.

But they try to get along. Sometimes they help with the housework.

They both agree that the red dot must be conquered.

And Maddie even gave Tibie a special Christmas present once: his very own fort! 

But I digress.

The real reason I'm telling you about my kitty cat cousins is because I found a few funny comics about cats, and I hope my kitty cat friends will forgive me for sharing them. 

Breaking Cat News

Simon's Cat


Well, that's my report for today. I have to go back to spying on the birdies and squirrels now. 


  1. Great report as always, C. Good news about the bird dive bombers. Still be careful with the stragglers out there. And the kitty cartoons are high-larious. That box of kitties looks like my toy box a little.... Hmmmm.
    Love and licks,

  2. We LOVED How to Wash a Cat, Chester☺ I'm so glad it's the cat and not the dog. haha

  3. We had cats for a time too, they are now angels. We found those very funny:)

  4. I got washed once! For HALF AN HOUR!!!! In the bath, then in the shower, then in the bath again and then in the shower again. If she had tried to use the toilet, I would have scratched her from head to toe I tell you!!!!

    Miss Oswin from Norway

    PS: Perhaps I did deserve to be washed: I had fallen into the cow poop thing and was covered from the tip of my ears to the tip of my tail. Mara said I smelled worse than the cows!!!

    PS PS: Mara says she had to laugh at the jokes very much. No sense of fidelity at all that two-legger....

  5. MOL MOL MOL MOL Chester!!
    OMCs those how to wash a cat thingies are funny...however, I think one rule is missing and should be #1 have plenty of human antiseptic cream and bandages ready...said cat comes with 4 sets of lethal weapons and is not afraid to use all at one time.
    Hugs madi said CAT your bfff

  6. You sure do have a lot of adorable kitty friends. Maybe they can take care of the bird pooper by scaring it away
    Lily & Edward

  7. OMD, your kittehs are ADORABLES!!!! Though, I thinks they have a plot to take over the world....just my opinion.....
    Ruby ♥

  8. fun kitty laughs!!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  9. TeeHeeHee...those are some hilarious kitty funnies!! We hope those grackles leave you and your backyard alone for the rest of the summer!!
    Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Thanks for the chuckles! We haven't seen any baby birds yet but recall the baby robin a few years ago that Bill and Hiker caught. Luckily it was okay and flew away.

  11. I love Fort A Hole. The funniest thing I have seen all day

  12. We love those last photos! Your Ghostwriter should just wear a hat and then no worries!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Loving all of these! Thank you for the share.

  14. I know that you're glad the birds have flown the coop! We laughed hard at your cat jokes. THanks for that. LOL!

  15. Okay, you really got our attention with the picture of the fort. Percy says he'd like one of those for Micah.

  16. That was a fun post! Since in this den there are both kitties and me a canine, its fine to giggle at all the cartoons and jokes. Esp about the toilet washing apparatus, BOL/MOL!; don't think we'll try that anttime soon...