Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raelin's Turkey Squad

Good evening. This is The Daily Bone, and I’m your popular doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel. I'm on a roll because this is the second TDB I've written today. I could have waited until tomorrow to post this one, but I'm too excited to wait that long.

I have just heard that The Daily Bone has some amazing new fans that I would like to introduce to everyone right away. They are Raelin’s Turkey Squad, and they live with their human family in Pennsylvania. I am told these intelligent birds are excellent at watching and protecting the property, just like us doggies. They gobble different alarm calls depending on what creature is approaching. My esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) and I have different types of barks and howls too. For example, when I spot an approaching stranger, I let out a long whistling alarm howl. Then I bark my “big boy” deep throated bark. If humans from our family are coming home, we doggies have a higher pitched bark for that. The turkeys, whose names are Clyde, Dexter, Ella, Bella, and Olivia, are quite fashionable too, wearing the same tan and white colors as yours truly. The Squad also follows their humans everywhere just like we do. Wow! If you look hard enough, and keep an open mind, you’ll find that we are all more alike than different.


Here they are patrolling the yard.

I was glad to hear that all members of Raelin’s Turkey Squad are on permanent assignment, which means they will never have to show up on a Thanksgiving Day table full of stuffing and roasted to a delicate golden brown. What a relief that is! 

Turkey Power!

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