Saturday, October 26, 2013

Proper Squeaky Toy Management

Hi everybody. This is The Daily Bone, and I’m your professional host Chester L. W. Spaniel, chairman of the Squeaky Party, and expert on squeaky toys.
For those of you who may not be familiar with standard squeaky toy procedures, please refer to the following photos in which I will go through the technique. The first step is to give the new toys a good sniff to determine if any other doggie or human has handled them. It also helps me catalog them in my doggie brain so I can find them later. You might remember that the selection of new squeaky toys in photo #1 was sent to me by one of my super fans last May. For these, I remain eternally grateful. The next step requires thorough unstuffing and squeaky removal. Personally, I think the squeaky is like the prize in the Cracker Jack box. I never swallow a squeaky whole. I give it a good chew first. Usually my humans take the chewed up plastic squeaky away so I don’t swallow it. But I have swallowed a few and have suffered no unfortunate symptoms. Then, there is squeaky toy storage and maintenance. In the next photo, you can see my squeaky toy storage facility behind me, which consists of a few baskets that are kept on the bottom shelf of the TV cabinet. Periodically, I take out a few squeaky toys and inspect them to make sure no one else has messed with them and that my inventory is still correct. Then comes the best part: contentment. And that’s a memo.

1. Sniff
2. Unstuff
3. Storage
4. Inventory and maintenance
5. Squeaky toy enjoyment

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