Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thank You Super Fan!

Welcome to all my super friends! I’m your humble doggie host, Chester L. W. Spaniel, and this the is the super edition of The Daily Bone.

My super smart colleague, Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel made a comment about my last two editions of The Daily Bone about super heroes. He says we don’t have to invent super heroes. We already are super heroes! After all, we single handedly guard the house from the Evil Squirrel Cartel, the Weirdo Trick-or-treater Syndicate, Pizza Guy, Mail Delivery Man, Schwann Man, Noisy Neighbor Dude, and a whole host of other miscreants who come to our house and yard. It’s a 24/7 job, and we have an unblemished record of success. In addition, Joey dog considers it his job to remind our humans when there’s food on the counter that isn’t getting eaten. I’m sure he would be glad to dispose of it personally by eating it, and routinely consumes all the left over vegetables offered. Imagine how much food would be wasted if it wasn’t for him!

I have been watching the news for the last few weeks, and believe me, there has been no shortage of crimes, explosions, fires, floods, disasters and mayhem. If you look closely at the crime fighting forces on the scenes, you can count on seeing doggies! During the hunt for the Boston Bomber, there were doggies helping to locate him. Yes, super hero doggies are on the job, sniffing out explosives, drugs, and other dangerous substances, and finding victims in the midst of vast and unpredictable chaos. Hooray for them!

I have an additional job which I take very seriously, and that is checking all the incoming packages and mail. (Meanwhile, Special Agent Joey dog, has the important responsibility of inspecting groceries.) With all the terrorism going on these days, you can’t be too careful about what comes into the house! It’s a good thing too. Today I discovered a box that was filled with, not six, not seven, but eight squeaky toys! I took it upon myself to inspect each one thoroughly. As I was conducting my investigation my humans informed me that this was actually a present for me from one of my fans. I have fans? Wow! I guess that really makes me a super hero! Thank you very much super fan! I am totally thrilled! And that’s a memo.

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