Saturday, October 21, 2023

Um, hi

 Hi everyone. This is The (not so) Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your doggie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

Sorry we've been absent for so long. As you may remember, our Dad had  stroke a few weeks ago. He's trying to get better, but his left arm doesn't work at all, and his left leg only has a little movement. He's staying at a place called a nursing home where he gets physical therapy and lots of help with his daily activities. Our ghostwriter visits him every day while we courageous girls stay home and guard the house. 

We have had a few adventures, though. Yesterday we had our first encounter and subsequent epic battle with a stink bug.

The stink bug won.

A few days ago a little sparrow birdie got into the house, and we girls went crazy chasing it around. At one point it bumped into the window and fell down behind the couch. GW was able to catch it and let it go outside. 

Today we happened to see a lot of sparrow birdies hopping around in the bushes outside of the window. But they wouldn't come in to play.

It's been cold and rainy here a lot lately. Perfect conditions for mushrooms. 

When we look up, we've been seeing big flocks of geese flying over.

That's all for today. We'll try to catch up on reading all of our friends' blogs soon. 

Good night.


  1. girls have been very busy. We're continuing to send lots of POTP and prayers for your Dad to feel better real soon and get back home so you can take care of him. Hugs to your Momma too.

  2. I am glad the two of you can keep each other company while your parents attention is rightlly on his health. I am prayig for him.

  3. Well it's nice to see that you two princesses have been enjoying a few little adventures while Ghostwriter's attention is elsewhere. We are so very sorry to read about the ongoing effects of your dear Dad's stroke, and hope that the physical therapy can help mitigate the damage. Meanwhile, we're sending love and hugs to you all.
    Nobby and Gail xx

  4. You girls have sure been busy. Stink bugs are mine and mom's worst enemy and they don't stand a chance in our house. We send your dad tons of healing vibes and hugs for all of you♥

  5. It's good to hear from you two. How exciting to have a little birdie in the house. We're glad Ghostwriter could catch it and put it back outside where it belongs. Our paws are crossed that your dad will be well enough to come home soon.

  6. Never give up hope, human people have so many things to try to help with stroke effects now. Lots of new and exciting electric stimulus devices that urge the muscles to work.
    Things in the brain can reconnect and heal to help along the way. Repetition in movements. There is a lot out there to help.
    You two have to help as much as you can too. with hugs, tail wags and pretty smiles for dad. I am sure he misses you two darlings as much as you miss him.
    Hugs to mom, this is a super hard time for her as well.

  7. Hey Rosie, Baby thank you for dictating this update to GW and thank her for hitting 'publish'.
    I keep your Dad in my thoughts and prayers. You two girls are very brave and quite capable of taking care of the home front. OMDs. stink bugs. The very first one I ever saw in was in Syracuse, NY.
    My brother in law lived there for 5 years. We visited him in the summer ONLY.
    Many healing prayers and hugs all around

  8. We continue to send your dad POTP and are glad your GW has you to guard the house and help her as we can't imagine this is easy for her. Lee and Phod

  9. Good night, sweet girls. We are sorry your Dad is struggling to get better. We send ots of prayers and hugs for your Mom and Dad and hope life gets better soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Thanks for the update, Baby and Rosie.
    We know to leave those stink bugs alone, UGH!
    Years ago there were starlings in petcretary's house...they came in via the chimney!

    We pray for your Dad's wellbeing, rehab is hard, hard work. We sure hope he'll be able to come home one of these days, even for a visit to check on his beloved pups!
    Hugs to your GW, too...we know it is very hard for her as well.

    Woofs! Aroo!

  11. It's nice too see you girls keeping busy. We are continuing our prayers and POTP for your Dad and hope he can come home soon!
    Rosy & Sunny

  12. I hope your dad will get better with rehab and will be able to come home to you. I'm sure he'd enjoy your adventures.

  13. Sending healing hugs and purrs to you two Princesses and your Dad and GW

  14. Hi Baby and Rosie! We hope your dad will get better soon. Paws crossed! Juno

  15. Thinking of you and your entire family.
    Hugs Cecilia