Friday, May 26, 2023

Purple Flower Princess Time

Hello everybody! This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your doggie girlie reporters Baby and Rosie Spaniel. 

Today we're going to participate in the Flower Friday blog hop by showing you all of our beautiful purple princess flowers that are blooming today. Aren't they lovely? 

And, just as beautiful as a princess, here's our favorite miniature human Miss Lily. She dressed up in a gorgeous sparkly dress for a dance recital last Sunday which our ghostwriter went to see. 

Here she is on the big stage (she's the fourth from the right) as she and her friends performed to Singing in the Rain. 

Now they're dancing to the song, "Let It Go." 

She and her friends were so brave to be up on that big stage! Hooray! 


Pups: Hey, how come we princess pups didn't get to go and see the dancing? 
GW: Because it was a long show and you pups wouldn't have stayed quiet for that long.
Pups: Nonsense! We would have been perfectly behaved!
GW: Um …

Baby: Hey! Let go of my ear!
Rosie: Well you started it!
Baby: No! You're the one always biting my ears! 
Rosie: Well, you're always pouncing on me and biting my face! 
Baby: Grrrrrrrrr …
Rosie: Grrrrr …

GW: Argh …

Baby: Look look look! I've got a little dancing skirt, and the pom poms on my front paws. 
Rosie: So what? I have the movie star eyes …

GW: Don't start fighting again! It's very un-princess like! Here are some more flowers:

We hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! 

Here's the link to Rosy and Sunny's blog for Flower Friday:


  1. You princesses sure have lots of pretty purple flowers in your yard. Miss Lily looks so cute in your dancing outfit. Maybe she could come to your house and do a solo performance just for you two?

  2. they are all so beautiful but none more than you little princess

  3. Your purple flowers are just gorgeous, as is mini Miss Lily, so bravely up there on the stage. I totally think you princess pups should have been allowed to attend the recital. Maybe even to do a little dance yourselves? You know how what humans say about performing with children and animals...

  4. What a fun post! Your flowers are just beautiful and Lily looks so pretty and you two girls are too funny☺

  5. Pretty princess pups! Pretty dancing special "princess"! Pretty flowers all. So what more can one say: this is a pretty lovely post!

  6. Princess Lily looks like a beautiful dancer and we hope you got to watch videos of her since you were forced to stay behind. The purple made Lady smile. Colour - so refreshing after the white and grey of winter. Lee and Phod

  7. I dunno, a lil bit play fighting are always fun.

  8. OMDs I love the royal purple in honor of the triple showing of princesses today.
    Lily is just absolutely beautiful. I love dance recitals. Dancing gives the little one so much confidence and teaches teamwork. Well done Princess Lily.
    Baby and Rosie you were better off at home...
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Hi new young friends, Ojo here! We have not been in Blogville for a Very Long Time. We just heard about your honorable predecessor, Chester, crossing the bridge. We are so very sorry. (My person has tears in her eyes, but I'm not sure why. Doesn't she know that we Dogs are happy to wait for our people on the other side of the bridge?) Anyways, we are sending love. And we are very pleased to meet you, new friends!!

  10. Lovely post all-a-purple!
    Miss Lily is a sweetie and what fun to be in a dance recital!

  11. Hi friends, Ojo here! Bitey-face is fun! Your little person is cute! Your flowers are pretty! Happy Friday!