Tuesday, May 16, 2023

More Critters!

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your diligent puppy reporters Rosie and Baby Spaniel. 

You'll never believe what we found in the back yard today! Another baby bunny! Too bad our ghostwriter caught it before we puppies could play with it. She says we're too scary to play with little baby bunnies. 

Hey! We're not scary!

She went on and told us that bunnies are very nervous and get frightened easily, even by us princess puppies. So after a quick photo session, she let it go into the bushes on the other side of the fence. Hopefully it will find it's other siblings there. Well, looking back on our predecessor Chester L. W. Spaniel's hunting reports, ghostwriter may be right. We are, after all, hunting doggies.

But that's not all we found! 

We also found a funny creature that we puppies have never seen before. It hopped around like a bunny, was the same color as the bunnies, and was almost the same size as the bunnies. It had a lot of lumps and bumps, and no fur. Was this an unfortunate mutated alien bunny? Ghostwriter snatched up this creature quickly so we puppies didn't get our princess puppy teeth into it. We don't think that's very fair. We want to play with that funny little animal too! 
Look look look! 

After a couple photos, ghostwriter put the alien creature outside the front door under the arbor vitae bushes. She said it would find a lot of tasty bugs out there.

We pups are so confused now. Do alien mutated bunny creatures eat bugs? (Well, I guess that's not so bad, since we pups snacked on those June bugs that got into our house the other day. But we digress.)

Hi. I'm a June bug. Please don't eat me.

 Anyway, we were finally informed that the funny looking lumpy hopping creature was called a toad. She says she finds them every spring and summer eating bugs in our garden. Furthermore, it would not be a good idea for us puppy princesses to play with it because it has fragile skin and yucky stuff inside of those lumps. 

That was a lot to learn today! You can probably guess what we did next.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …

And now for a word from our angels Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and Chester L. W. Spaniel from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge:

Hey puppy girlies! You're doing well with your cocker spaniel hunting skills, even though GW wouldn't let you actually catch those bunnies and the toad. But don't worry. Soon it will be baby grackle time. We know you've probably heard them screeching and squawking in the trees. Soon those baby grackles will be falling out of their nests and flopping around your back yard. Surely GW won't be unhappy if you catch one of those annoying little gargoyles! Here's a link to a post from 2015 when I, Chester, caught one:

Keep up the good work, pups! 


  1. This post is a reminder that I've been gone way, way too long - Your little girls have grown up so much -- what pretty girls they are!! ❤❤ How fun it must be as they discover the world around them, as they learn all those tricks and the do's and don'ts -- It's those don'ts that keep you on your toes!🙂 How wonderful and how lucky that they are to have you, their Ghost Writer, and Angels Joey dog and Chester looking out for them. And we had a little bunny in our yard last week, it also had to be 'relocated' before it was discovered -- No toads yet, but they'll come, they always do.

  2. Toads! We have loads of toads!! Us boys leave them alone after we realize that they are not good for foodables...just by a sniff...the whiff that makes us go Eeuuwww!

    That is a cute bunny...good thing you let your GW rescue it...last year *she* rescued a whole nest out of our range...sigh...

  3. You girls sure do have an exciting back yard to discover all sorts of nature! The baby bunny is too cute!

  4. You sure find lots of fun creatures in your yard. Our favorite creature to track down in our yard are the garter snakes. So far we haven't caught one though.

  5. We could share the same backyard!! Rosy learned the hard way about the froggies...but now steers clear of them! The bunnies still elude us!

  6. When you are Princess Pups every day is fun and full learning moments. Don't let that frog kiss you unless he has a Tic Tac first
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. You two sure have a lot of fun learning about all those critters. Ghostwriter is fast if she can catch those bunnies. We can't do that:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber