Wednesday, February 22, 2023

We Got Some!

 Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your puppy reporters Baby and Rosie. 

We were just minding our own business, playing with our toys, when this happened:

The bright red Cardinal was sitting in the pear tree wondering at this too.

So we went out to run and play!

We were super tired after that.

And now for a word from our angels Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and Chester L. W. Spaniel:

Hey everyone! We sent the snow back to you! 

If you check out The Daily Bone from February 22, 2015, you'll see that we had tons of snow! 


If you're wondering who Charlie is, he was an old blog friend of ours from Australia. He used to ask us to show him some pictures of our snow, since he's never seen any himself. 



  1. You girls look like you were having lots of fun playing in the snow. We hope there is enough snow to enjoy a good roll in it by tomorrow. Our paws are crossed that we don't get too much freezing rain, too.

  2. I remember Charlie very well. He had the same kind of winters that we have down here in Florida (the Sunshine and Hurricane State) LOL We had a high of 86 today here in South West Florida. As for that Cardinal...well, you know what a Cardinal means! Chester and Joey were checking up on you girls! ♥♥♥

  3. That was so kind of Joey and Chester to send you snow. And what fun you girls had!

  4. Is there anything more fun than playing in the snow?! I remember Charlie's blog well and we can still find him on fb!

  5. Yes, Good old Charlie!!

    Have fun in your snow girls!

    Our yard is covered a bit like that, only is all ice and ice pellets we are at the tail end of a bad ice storm...and our generator decided to give up about 10 hours after it started, so now we are chilly while we await the dudes to come and fix it...and the power men to get the real power back on. Our region is hard hit with tons of trees and power lines downed. It looks like we had about 1/2 inch of ice coatings.

  6. Yay for SNOW!!! We got some flurries here yesterday too!
    Rosy and Sunny

  7. Baby and Rosie I've always heard when you see a Cardinal angels are visiting....I bet one of your beloved siblings was dropping by to say HI
    Hugs Cecilia