Sunday, February 26, 2023

Icy Icy!

 Good evening. This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we are your on-the-spot student reporters Rosy and Baby Spaniel.

We are on location in the back yard and standing on solid ice! Yes indeed! A few nights ago something called sleet and freezing rain (according to our ghostwriter teacher) fell from the sky. Since this is our first winter here on Earth, we have never seen anything like this before. The next morning everything was covered with ice. It was very fun to look at, and eat. Icicles are delicious! 

Ghostwriter and Dad have been very upset about all of this ice. We think it had to do with them not being able to go anywhere. They said something like the ice on the cars was so thick they couldn't get the keys into the locks, and the driveway was like a vertical skating rink, whatever that means. Incidentally, this was fine with us. Where else would they want to be except home with us?

Today is got warmer out. The sun shone through all the ice in the treetops and the icicles hanging from the roof. 

Then it got windy. Suddenly there were shards of ice flying off the trees and slabs of ice sliding off the roof tops with a big crash! The clouds were zooming by faster than the two of us puppies could zoom around the yard! 

But mostly the sun shone brightly into our window and that made the perfect sun puddle for us to take a good comfy nap.

See you next time! 


  1. Rosy and Baby, you will by now have realised that there are advantages to having four legs. Bipeds are very unstable on ice, so do watch out that they don't fall over on top of you...

  2. Ice is NOT NICE! You have the right idea to find a sunpuddle and enjoy it!

  3. We had the same thing here with all that crazy ice. It was dangerous being out in the yard with all the ice falling off the trees. You two look so cute napping in that sun puddle.

  4. Ice looks like fun!! We aren't fond of the wind can get real windy here too!
    Sunny and Rosy

  5. Dearest Princess Spaniels Baby and is what we have mostly here. IT IS H O R R I B L E
    I know exactly what GW and Dad mean about the door hands. Not to mention that mess is 87 x
    more dangerous than snow. It is slick and nuttin' can move about on it very well.
    Here's to lots of sun to warm your furs and MELT the ice
    Hugs cecilia

  6. Hi Rosie and Baby! We love reading your adventures of 'princess edition'!! Glad to hear Icicles are delicious! I never had one! Juno xo

  7. Beautiful picture of the cardinals in the tree but the ice can damage the trees.

  8. ICE! Ick! The snow in our backyard has melted and frozen so much it is like ice, but we don't have it covering everything. You guys look terrific in the sun as does the cardinal! Thanks for the kind words for our Mom, she is better but we can't wait for her to get EXCELLENT! Purrs Marvelous Marv