Friday, October 28, 2022

Little Birdie

Greetings everyone! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Do you remember my last post about the little birdies getting into my house? Well, it happened again! Except this time it was only one birdie, and we were able to take a couple pictures of her before we were able to coax her to go back outside. 

No, this is not just our messy kitchen. Look closely and you will see the birdie sitting on the edge of the dish in front of the hand soap dispenser.

Here she is clinging to the screen on the front door. 

We tried to get to the door and open it so she could fly out, but she was too confused and flew away from the door. We finally opened some windows and she found her way out. 

Well, that was exhausting! Time for a nap.

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful Fall colors.


  1. Hey HANDSOME Chester!! OMDs that Birdie has good taste in friends. I think it wants to spend the winter with in your warm friendly home. Fall in WNY so pretty and the sky photo a perfect ending to a fun post
    Hugs cecilia

  2. Autumn is beautiful at your house, Chester, and we are so happy that the little birdie finally made it back outside.

  3. You sure have had some excitement with all those birdies getting into your house lately, Chester. We're glad to hear she finally found her way outside.

  4. What beautiful colors - We're at peak color now too - Mother Nature can really put on a show, can't she?
    As far as that bird - I'm glad it was freed safely. ---All the best for the week ahead, and I hope all is well!❤

  5. What a cheeky birdie, invading your territory like that. You'd think she would want to be outside, flying around among all those trees with such beautifully coloured leaves.

  6. We're glad you are keeping a close eye on the intruders! A mouse got into our house and I completely missed it! Lorelei Lab and the Johnson Family

  7. Good that the little bird was able to get back outside after its adventure and exploring trip :)
    The is a good invader, but best they stay outside!
    Purrs, Julie