Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Late July

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dedicated doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Here in Western NY it's been very hot and dry.  But we still have some flowers blooming to show you. 

We've also had some spectacular sunsets! 

The bunny has been coming to visit us every evening around 8:30pm. He's gotten so that he's hardly afraid of me anymore.

"Hi Chester. Nice evening, isn't it?"

For my last story, long time readers will remember my old pal Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. He crossed the bridge this time of year in 2016. Our princess, Miss Ginger also passed in July of 2010. This is sort of a sad time of year for us. Please check out the link below to see a collection of pictures of Joey, and a few of Ginger, and even two with our patron saint, Old Charisma. 



  1. Chester you flowers are so pretty...wondering is GW has retired yet?
    I'm heading over to you link...sending lots of hugs and understanding.
    Our furry angels are never forgotten.

  2. Joey was quite a cutie, wish we had gotten to know him ... but sure happy we do know you! Your flowers and sunsets today are so beautiful, they seem to get prettier everytime we stop by!

  3. We remember Joey so well. He was such a sweetie♥ Your flowers and sunsets are just gorgeous, Chester!

  4. I can't get over how beautiful you are!

  5. Such pretty flowers! And you are looking very cute!

  6. Your yard looks beautiful. I love the flowers, and the stunning sky.

  7. Your flowers are beautiful! And those are amazing sunsets! That bunny is asking for trouble...

    Hugs to you all as you remember your pups of the past. They live forever in our hearts and memories.

  8. What pretty flowers you have in your yard. We can't believe you don't catch that cheeky bunny when it is so close to you! We remember Joey fondly and we have our paws crossed for you and your family. It sure has been hot but we're glad to have some cooler temps the past couple of days.

  9. Your yard has always something wonderful to offer. And yes, mom says she'll always remember your buddy Joey Dog! Sending my little hugs over to your family around the time of the year. Juno xo