Monday, August 10, 2020

The More Things Change …

Hi everybody. This is The Daily Bone, and I'm your lovable doggie host Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Today I'm going to rewrite a post I did in December 2013, called "Politics is Boring."

I seems there are tons of websites and social media pages that are practically bursting with hateful things, especially when it comes to politics. My kind-hearted colleague, the late Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and I tried to analyze this using doggie logic, but have failed so far to understand what's so great about hating. So then we decided to look at the problem from a different point of view. What kinds of things do humans love? The first thing to come to mind is entertainment. The humans love to watch exciting movies about good vs bad, especially if it involves the good guys blasting the bad guys to bits. They also love watching sports, like football. Politics, on the other hand, is boring: a bunch of humans in a big semi-circular room, arguing about all the legal minutiae of making complicated laws to regulate every move and penny we make, and then wrapping it up in barrels of pork. Who wants to watch that when the new Ironing Board Man movie or a major football game is playing on TV?

So the media figured out how to make it more exciting, and in the process, choose sides, promote their agenda, and make a ton of money: make politics into a sport! Yeah, that's right! There are two big teams—Democrats and Republicans—and they can be labeled by a narrow list of extreme and unrealistic things they sort of remotely stand for. Now people will take politics seriously, so let the hating begin! From what you see on TV, you might think there is bloodshed, mayhem, and downright havoc going on in Washington, as the two teams slug it out on Capitol Hill. It's a death match, and there's a panoply of reporters and analysts lined up to explain each and every move, try to figure out who will win, and why, and how, and what it will cost, and how it will affect our lives, all whilst spinning the whole thing left or right. Then the hate-fest continues on line. 

Nobody stops and thinks, hey, I know a lot of nice, friendly, logical, fair-minded people who are affiliated with either one party or another, and they're not anything like the exaggerated stereotypes they're labeled with. Our doggie advice to all humans is: Don't judge each other by the lunatic fringe presented on the media. Be kind to one another. Listen to both sides, and make your own judgement according to the goodness in your heart. Maybe you don't agree with some issues, but that doesn't mean you should express your disagreement with hatred. Hate just creates more hate. And that's a memo. 

Joey dog says, "seriously … just stop hating."

OK, that was posted 7 years ago. How are things now? Violent riots in the streets of major cities. Yes there are some peaceful protesters too. But fires and rock-throwing and fighting and wrecking other peoples' cars and businesses is more exciting than people peacefully walking together and carrying signs, so that's what the media shows us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Blah!

Think about it.


  1. These are some turbulent times in the world. We're glad things are fairly peaceful in our neck of the woods.

  2. Chester and Angel Joey...I am giving you a standing ovation...well done...and for sure are 100% right.
    Thank you oh boy if we could get this sent to DC!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Life sure is crazy right now. The peeps just can't seem to get along or get things done correctly. They could learn a lot from you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Such a wonderful repost Chester, we don't think the media will ever change. Just say no to the media...and yes to Shark Week (this week anyway) BOL!

  5. The more things change the more they stay the same. I remember when the love of dogs united people. No more.

  6. Its crazy times maybe even worse that in past years...its sad to see peeps being violent in the name of getting respect. Really, not that way in my books.

  7. Hate is a horrible thing always and especially in these SuperTough times. What a great post!

  8. Amen and Amen, Chester! If more and more posts like this would show up in social media, maybe even the news media would listen. We all know, in real life most people are much nicer than the ones they show on teevee.

  9. Joey you sure were one smart pupster ... and Chester, it seems you're following in his paw-prints. Tail wags to both of you (and the smart humans who have surely taught you well!) ... Living on the edges of the now-infamous Capitol city we can barely escape the "havoc" you refer to, it is ever present. And unfortunately we, personally and admittedly, have been paw-litical junkies throughout life, so continue to be drawn into it. Tho do not partake of social media. That being said, we are hoping and praying for a good outcome in a few months time, one that will lead our nation to safety and well being, toward kindness to one another ... a restoration of what once was, what we once thought we could be.

  10. Hate seems to have escalating to an all time high. When it is on your very own street and neighbors are screaming stupid, weak, losers, fake news, the swamp, nasty names to their neighbor imitating the head of America. This came from my vet today in an e-mail
    "Our world is being shaken to the core. We are mentally and quite often, physically exhausted. We are supposing you feel the same. Sometimes we want to cry and other times shout in anger. Sometimes we want to go hide in the corner in fear for our family, our team and our clients. Twenty twenty so far has been a very hard year. In the face of this pressure, at times individuals aren’t their normal pleasant selves. If you have experienced folks being more easily infuriated in your life perhaps you can relate. In recent days, exasperated clients have lost their tempers and accused us of not caring because we can’t get them in as fast as they desire. They have shouted at, demeaned, and threatened us in their annoyance with world circumstances we can neither control nor fix. Even though we are performing care the best we can, we have been verbally attacked and even threatened with physical harm. As COVID19 wears on, this is becoming progressively worse and more frequent. Fear and frustration are driving this behavior but understanding that does not make it hurt us less. Because of this, we are reaching out to you for support."
    Lee says in all her years of owning Scottish Terriers vets were never threatened.
    Something has to change. That is not lunatic fringe on the media when it hits my doctors office.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. That's one of the saddest things I've heard. I always try to encourage my vet's office, dentist, eye doctor. I know they have to be even more frustrated than we are. And I have a niece who's a vet tech, exhausted from putting in 50+ hours a week. This is not the America I grew up in. :(

  11. We have quit watching the news all together. It's just too depressing and the only time they report anything positive is the last story. I was way too exhausted from all the negativity to enjoy the one bright spot. I pray for our country.